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September 05, 2009


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Air Jordans

Beautiful post. How can we say that feminism has done its work until each of us can walk on the street alone without fear, annoyance, or embarassment?

Mantel Man

Y'know, Cadillac makes a pickup version of the Escalade for you rural folks. It can be lifted with big ol' tires, and the pink color would be set off nicely by the light green shade and subtle texture of a load of alfalfa hay in the back.


"Not in this car you don't!" -- that should be in the driver's manual on Safety.

noe noe girl

I can see you driving that car to the next blogfest.

The Glamorous Life Association

I am very proud of you for publically admitting this. Once you admit you sell Mary Kay you will learn to acheive self acceptance in all areas of your life...


side note: I was hired to make a FB, Twitter accounts and make a logo/avatar for a Mary Kay consultant this week. And guess what she drove up in??? I had the giggles thru the entire first meeting...just makes me LAUGH. Hey maybe I should get one too!


That's hilarious. This is a great story.

And I'm glad nothing did happen on the road that night . . .

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I wanted to die after being reminded of L'Eggs, which I used to buy in bulk back in the '90's which was the last time I wore a business suit to work, and also the last time I recall wearing panty hose. JUST SAY NO TO HOSE!
(Also to dying, and especially to dying in a pink cadillac.)

The only acceptance speech you need to be preparing is the one for the Oscar you'll win for the BLog Fest movie (casting, writing, directing and producing). Then you can buy your own pink Cadillac dealership and throw your L'eggs at Mary Kay.

Kathi D

I will upgrade your coffee can to my special Smart and Final urn.

You're welcome!

Cactus Petunia

Wow. They still make L'Eggs?

And will we have to call you "Your Excellency" when you get that directorship?

(Curtsies backward out of comments section)


Bob, that was priceless. Thank you for a good hearty laugh first thing in the morning. And there's a joke in there somewhere, but, like you, I'll demur.

Daryl, I will wear them, but not often, and mostly with a suit skirt. And I've never actually WANTED a pink Cadillac, but earning one that I don't pay for is sounding mighty good!

Kyddryn, there will be no tomb. I'm picturing a coffee can left out in the wind to scatter Foolery far and wide. ; ) And I'm with ya on the girly stuff -- I have never worn much, and had to get back on that horse. But I'm actually liking what I see in the mirror. : )

Thanks youse guys -- love to have you come by!

-- Laurie


One benefit to having a fifty-acre ass? No panty hose...they don't fit. None of 'em. Yay!

I wouldn't know about flights of fancy...

Please don't get killed in a horrible accident - I would feel really awkward attending a funeral for someone whom I've never met, trying to explain myself to your grieving family, prostrating myself on the ground before your tomb (I'm guessing white marble with climbing roses, an ever-burning flame, and some version of the Royal Guard out front) crying "Why, Gods, why???" So...yeah...

If your end is to come in a Mary Kay car...I hope you perpetually fall a dollar short of the mark.

Otherwise - good luck to ya. I'd help out, but I don't wear makeup, use moisturizer, wear perfume, or anything else remotely feminine. I'm one step shy of grunting and grabbing my privates, I tell ya.

Shade and Sweetwater,


I am glad you have eschewed panty hose, me,I havent worn them in years .. really ..no panty hose EVER .. oh and I am glad you are holding out to pass through the Pearly Gates in a hot pink Caddy!

Bob Cleveland

I wish for you your wish. The one involving those hosiery items (I cannot bring myself to use that word around females of the opposite gender (I don't use THAT word, either)).

I have a lot of hang-ups.

And I'll save you the gas money .. Peg doesn't use makeup so there's no need to drive to Pelham. Besides, what little foundation and eye shadow I use wouldn't be worth the trip.

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