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September 01, 2009


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That can only be Mister Bubble's pink froth. And I do love the rainbow rug!

Do you all have a claw-foot tub?

Suz Broughton

I like it. Emily sends me "notes" from my iPhone. Things like "You look like a fireman today" and "I saw you sneezing."

JD at I Do Things

HA! Smedley is talented. That is one huge tube. And obviously filled with Mr. Bubble.

noe noe girl

I just love it-I love Baloney- headed that way now!


Balony Girls is cool ... and seriously these two are talented artists ...

Audubon Ron


Mental P Mama

I think I see a line of greeting cards....

Ann Marie

Very cute!


Too cute, Mizz Foolery!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cactus Petunia

I stopped by Baloney Girls...great work!
They have obviously inherited the talent gene.

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