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August 03, 2009


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big hair envy

You know, Kirstie is related to Cool Breeze. I think. Could be.

Anyway, I think she is a good choice because she seems to have Audrey's great sense of humor;)


I think casting agent is your missed calling in life, Miss Laurie!

noe noe girl

Now that is soooo the perfect choice!
But I love Audrey's hair better! Well I just love Audrey period!


Tho a bit old, Kirsty would be a good pick!


I dunno, with that particular photo of our beloved Auds, I might choose Lisa Kudrow to play her! Though I do love me some Kirstey Alley too. There's no wrong answer.

This is super-fun and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's excited to see who Foolery comes up with to play me in the movie!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Awesome, simply awesome.

This movie is coming right along!

Let's see now, actually your list of job titles for the movie includes:

-Co-author and singer of the Official Blog Fest Song;

-Co-designer of the Official Blog Fest wine (aka Wine One One - very, very tasty wine).

-Official almond supplier to the cast, especially that one named Chesapeake Bay Woman

-Casting director

-Advertising Manager

Now, all we need is somebody to sign us on for a multi-million dollar deal. I'd even settle for the book first, although quite honestly I think we should just leap right into the movie while everything's still fresh in our minds.

Can you make that happen too? You know, pitch the movie? (In between your day job, your parenting, and your regular life, of course, no pressure.)


Perfect. Not as pretty as Audrey, but she has that same flair!

grandma j

Not a bad choice, but I think Audrey is much prettier...more like jennifer aniston


Oh I think this is a good idea ..

Audrey at Barking Mad!

OK you were right! She is way better than Renee Zelwegger and much more apt at putting on weight and keeping it on, which is vital if she's going to play me.

Seriously, I'm flattered. This absolutely made my day and made me smile. Alley has long been one of my favs and I love her voice, wit and honesty.

Well Laurie, it's obvious you are going to receive double billing when it comes to the VA BlogFest '09 movie, as not only one of the stars, but the Casting Director too!

Thanks for this. I needed the smiles this morning!

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