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July 30, 2009


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DAMN! You missed your calling! You really should be a casting director.



noe noe girl

Love it! Right choice- just get Lauren a pair of those glasses!

grandma j

Perfect match! Let the production begin!!


Hahah I love Daryl...wanna know a funnny story? I just comment on the wrong blog.

I look like a dumb ass now.

I miss you all the same.


I am SO giggling here ... first, I look stoned, when was that talen? Those papperazzi have such long sneaky lenses... I think Emmy Lou Harris is more me ... but I am greatly flattered by all of your comments.....oh and I had my teeth fixed they used to be like Lauren Hutton's


Kathi D, Daryl is only the most glamorous blogger on the eastern seaboard! She's a NYC blogger I had the great pleasure of meeting last week at the Virginia blogfest, and these other commenters -- Audrey, Kate, Marlene and Chesapeake Bay Woman -- are each eastern seaboard bloggers and fabulous in their own right!

Next year we've got to have a west coast Blogfest for we California Valley Girls, right, Kathi? If we promise you chickens will you come? : )

Thanks for reading y'all, and more of these to come . . .

-- Laurie

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OMG!!!!! You're brilliant, and also accurate. Lauren is not dramatic enough and would indeed need some training because of course who can completely capture the essence of Daryl.

You've come pretty darn close.

Kathi D

But you have to make her get those teeth fixed first.

Who's Daryl?


She could do it, but we would have to coach her to death to get it as perfect as the gem D is!!!


Probably not glamorous enough, and has to work on the accent, but maybe she could pull it off.

Audrey at Barking Mad

I think that's as close as any of the rest of us have come to being able to cast Daryl.

You're right, she isn't glamorous enough, but with some coaching, perhaps she can do a passable job?

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