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July 30, 2009


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I say what CBW said. I see the resemblance.

Kathi D

Your great-grandmother is beautiful!

noe noe girl

OGosh! Priceless!


I love the things that can be done with technology in this day and age! Amazing stuff.


Martin, say PRUUUUUUUNES! ha ha ha ha ha

Good call, MPM. : )

Thanks for reading, all y'all!

Mental P Mama

Martin looks like he invented the Diva Mouth Pose;)


That's absolutely amazing. And what a gift to have those restored.


wow, these look fantastic. Go Valerie!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

That is amazing, she does an excellent job.

(Does she also do makeovers? I'm calling now.)

Also, you can call me crazy, but I think the woman resembles you, esp. in that bottom picture.


Oh thats good to know, I did a little photo fixing on some old pix Husband's daughter recently came across..

Da Goddess

Artistry, plain and simple.

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