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July 05, 2009


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Rick's Cafe

and it's a mighty fine lookin' lassy that's doing the resemblin' :)

hope all are still in one piece on the east coast!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I resemble that comment, matey.

Rick's Cafe

Only a jerk would leave a comment on an old post - specially when the post is about how the author will be away AND the comment is nothing but a rambling, run-on sentence....ala the style of CBW :)


Hi there. See you at Blog Fest. I've got nothing accomplished yet.

Single Male Blog Stalking Pirate

Dear CBW
Am not afraid of ants, nor spiders, snakes, alligators or sharks (sea or land). Robbers, muggers & rapists don't ruffle my feathers in the least. My best friends are black, white, red, yellow and alien-both martian and mexican.

But what give me the willies; what keeps me up at night is the thought of having to be around husbands, mothers-in-laws and children...especially children (yech).

I guess every pirate has his kryptonite

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Dear Blog Stalking Pirate:

We have ant infestations, but no pirate infestations....yet. (In years past we did, though.)

Does this mean you're coming to Blog Fest?


Oh, I'm green with envy! I saw this first at Barking Mad and now I'm thinking I wish I was in with the cool crowd. This looks like a great time. Enjoy yourself. Blog about it. Inspire the rest of us to either participate in something next time or make our own fun. I have a teensy, tiny blogger meet-up tomorrow. I have a feeling that you being you will be more than fine for your BlogFest.

Suburban Kamikaze

Sacrebleu, but you are putting an awful lot of pressure on yourself! Why not just buy yourself a push-up bra and speak with a French accent?



Arrrrggggg and hear me well ye lassies...

Best be wary of those Chesapeake waters! They are infested with pirates who know the shoals and coves like the back of their hand.

Hide your rum and virtues well, for when the moon hides and the crickets are resting their song, these beasties will follow the mist and sneak in as quiet as a mouse - to steal what a woman values!

That and more stories of things that go bump in the night, courtesy of:
Single Male Blog Stalking Pirate

Suz Broughton

...have fun! and seriously, when DO you sleep?


Your list reminds me of mine for *cough* Blogher only I recently had to bump get a tan to add move to a new apartment the weekend before...'cause I'm such a good planner like that.

Auds at Barking Mad



Bug spray...check!


Now I'm off to find room to pack all the other non-essentials for the drive down!

Am soooooooooo looking forward to meeting you Laurie! And the others as well!!!


Marcy - it's where the cool kids are going instead of BlogHer. :-) It's not too late to sign up!

MPM - do you like the flavored ones Absolut makes? I like the pears one and the ruby red and oh my, I'll add that to my shopping list...

Come on east, girl, my futon awaits you!


I am envying the hilarity you will all have. Your wide open farming spaces stories will certainly peg you as a Come Here, but you'll no doubt be the funniest Come Here there. Have fun!

The Glamorous Life Association

I had heard nuthin of this blog meet-up. So I am assuming only the popular funny ones were invited. OR my invitation was lost in the mail.

Hope you can swim. That map looks slightly misleading.

Have fun. People will LOVE YOU. Are you bringing the Jitterbug? That will really win them over in no time. :)

grandma j

Won't this be grand? I tore up my list, and I'm going "as is", and hoping no one notices.

I didn't know we'd be so close to Warsaw! Small world!


Oh, how fun! Have a good time and be sure to tell us all about it!

This week, I'll be in Texas having a mini-blogfest of my own. Don't wait up.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Mental P Mama

Cannot wait! And now I must be getting my own list together. I know it has vodka in it.


How lovely! Love the list. Have great fun and remember *all* the detes -- we're going to need them.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I can't wait to finally meet you and the other bloggers who are coming. But to assuage my oncoming panic attack, when you say a few short days you mean a week from Thursday, right? Otherwise I need to call in slick/sick today (or this entire week) and hire a cleaning service. Industrial strength. And lose 15 pounds.

It's going to be fun. Just try to ignore the clutter. It's easy - I've been doing it for decades.

p.s. It's so funny to come to Foolery's site and see Gloucester Point and Kilmarnock on a map. Mathews is the peninsula jutting off to the right just in between those two places.

Da Goddess

Let me know if you find the secret to losing 15...hundred pounds. I need to lose that and more. In a hurry.

Now go have fun!

Kathi D

Well hot diggety dog, Miss Thang!

Looking forward to all the gossips and updates!

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