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July 23, 2009


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big hair envy

If I laugh hysterically at this, will I be struck by lightning?


Good to see you have your proirities .. gah

noe noe girl

I just love it! This rocks girl!

Kathi D

I think God doesn't want you to clean bathrooms. You should just write stuff instead.


You went to Blogfest, too? You lucky girl.

I like this post a lot. I think it should replace the bible!


So the lawnmower was a door prize? Who got it? Grandma J?

And the creation thing... I'm on board. I'm pretty sure I heard harp music while I was out floating in Hills Bay.

Just sayin'...

grandma j

And in the end, we won!

Bob Cleveland

Why clean the bathroom? I mean ... do you know what people DO in there?

Reminds me of the old guy with the speech impediment, who sold outhouses guaranteed NEVER to smell.


This is GREAT! haha Love it!


I mopped my kitchen floor today, does that count?

This was fecking brilliant. For Realz.

Kick-ass party indeed.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You're a genius, but you already knew that. But still I'm gonna keep saying it about you AND your daughters....

We have a similar saying amongst a few of us. First there was light, and then there was (something, we can't remember details, perhaps it was pestilence, or maybe it was pests). And then there was the Hills Bay Creature, that creature which emerges from Hills Bay raw and pure but with no baggage, no problems, no agenda, nothing but an appreciation for what is right, for all that matters.

I forgot what that was, but I know it's good.

Audrey at Barking Mad!


That is all.

BTW, seeing as how ya'll no longer live in my computer, just where the hell am I going to put everyone?


I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. After you clean the bathroom.

Plus, I'm also excited to tell my mom that God does in fact say stuff is "kick ass." I've been trying to tell her that for YEARS.


You're killing me...but I love it.

I haven't laughed like this in a long time...well, at least 4 days!!!


It is good to be alive. You know, to be able to go to blogfest.

Mental P Mama

Awesome. Just. Awesome.


I'm still trying to avoid cleaning my bathrooms. And vacuuming. And laundry. And weeding. I am good at avoiding.

The ladies inside my computer are far more enjoyable! Love your spin on, um, creation. (?)

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