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July 28, 2009


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Funny you should ask; I'll bet you, like I, thought the Chasmosaurus was a no-frills dinosaur.

Bob Cleveland

Offhand, I'd say the guy at the top came equipped with at least ONE visible frill.

Leather upholstery.

(But a single exhaust).

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

For bait, I've recently found that BigFoot has the potential to be very effective....but even so, that only gets the critter interested.

For an older, mature, 'trophy' quality beast, you're going to need a really strong line to reel him in.

And as with all wild creatures, the older they get, the more fight they put up when they finally figure out they're hooked and being reeled in.

On the other hand, you can always snag a young, immature creature, with a BudLite. They're just about anywhere and getting one of these is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

But where's the challenge in that?:)


I wonder what kind of bait one uses to catch this critter??? Barleywine? Tzarist Stout? Budweiser?


With your mad skillz in Paleontology, and my charming tour guide ways, we could have the rocking-est Amuseum EVER!!

noe noe girl

LOL~Is Corona in that selection of beers?

grandma j

I could have sworn I was married to that beast at one time

big hair envy

I'm partial to dudes from the Mesozoic Era. But, to each his own;)


You're too funny!

Audrey at Barking Mad!


For some reason I really enjoy that word. I think I'm going to try and fit it into my speech where ever I can today!

For instance:

"Oh look, these leftovers must certainly be from the Cretaceous period! Throw them out!"

"Oh no you don't, you Cretaceous driver! Think you can cut me off do you? Well, I'll show you!"

And then when Meg asks me what Cretaceous means, I will regret having grown a fondness for the word because she will start calling me...are you ready for this?


bada bing!


What, ME? Make stuff up, Kathi? Click the links and you will see that there REALLY WAS a dinosaur called Chasmosaurus, which tickled the girls and me no end since that's what I call Daddy a lot.

CBW, I lost all of my digital photos a few days before my trip. Well, not all, but quite a few. This was all I have of Chasmosaurus in a hurry. He's nearly 6'0".

Yes, MPM, I DO have a recipe for glop:


Chasmosaurus and I made it up. It's very good, so we gave it the worst name thinkable. Almost.

Another trip ANYWHERE is off the table for a while, Momx2, but keep thinking Mexico for all of us. : )

Caution, the hands in the waistband are probably to keep Chasmosaurus from practicing his golf grip, which he does 24/7. He was forbidden to do so during our wedding ceremony, though I'll bet he sneaked it.

Daryl, the Raymosaurus is from the same epoch and is often confused with the Chasmosaurus, other than their native habitats being on opposite coasts. Do you know if the Raymosaurus diet included copious quantities of craft brews?

Thanks for reading, everybody!

-- Laurie


Umm .. I believe his twin was in my house last nite ... Raymosaurus .. it grouses when the AC just bought, JUST bought,will not turn on. Sigh. I hope he's gone tonite.

Caution Flag

But what's with the Chasmosaurus stance? Surely the hands in the waistband say something?


haha ! Funny post :) I'm pretty sure another trip to Mexico is probably in order. Call is research ;)

Mental P Mama

LOL. Do you have a recipe for glop?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Now, see? He doesn't look anything like I pictured either. (Not that we can see him fully.)

I promise I won't go around hollering, "He's tall! Chas is tall!" akin to my reaction when I saw you.

Is the Chasmosaurus on the endangered species list? We don't have too many of them here in Virginia.


Are you Quite Sure you aren't making this all up?

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