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June 09, 2009


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Amber Katie

Scotland...hands down, for the burly men with hot accents alone. Dated a true Scottish rugby player in college, never quite got over it. You seen P.S. I Love You? Scottish accents are so much better. Men, beer, the Highland Games, kilts? This was really a no-brainer, but thanks for the infinite dream-fodder!!!


I had the same experience in Paris. Everyone was so nice, except the one man taking tickets at the Gare de la Est (or whatever) and I was expecting rude. I loved it, but I think that I would head to Northern Italy.

Cactus Petunia

Hmmm. Having never had the chance to travel to any other country except Canada, I don't have a clue. (But I definitely would NOT choose Canada) Maybe France or Italy.

Or maybe Denmark. I've heard it's the happiest country on earth...despite their incredibly high suicide rate.

I should really get out more.

Da Goddess

Oh, easy for me: Australia. I have friends scattered about there and I'd have a lovely time with them and just enjoying the beauty of the country.

Rick's Cafe

Strange, but it really doesn't matter where - would love to visit a lot of places though.

On the practical side, I've found that if I'm going to fall down it's a softer landing, and hence, less chance to spill my drink, if I land face first in sand vs. concrete or asphalt.


New Zealand would be fantastic. I was there for two weeks and could easily live there for a year. Italy would also be excellent. There are many more I'd love to visit, but I think those are my top choices for living for a while. (I'm assuming the gig comes with enough money to enjoy oneself.)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Brazil. The Amazon to be specific. Too tired to explain why, but that's my short answer.

Bring these to Blog Fest, they'll be wonderful.

Kathi D

I love England. I love walking around London, and being out in the country, and, if I must admit it, I will. I am a sucker for the Queen. I always hope that I will just "happen" to see her one day.


Hmm...I'm torn. I've always wanted to go to Australia, New Zealand, down thataway...but...

I think I'll say Ireland. It's where part of my family hails from, and I'd like to go see the standing stones, the hills, the Irish Sea...not to mention listen to all that beautiful Irish...sigh...

Shade and Sweetwater,


Geez, it's hard for me to narrow it down. I could go for Italy, Spain, France, England, Scotland or Ireland. I would so love living a year in any of those places!


I think I'd like England or Ireland. Technically, all part of the British Isles, so somewhere on one of those two islands is where I'd like to be. Do I have to work while I'm there or can I just poke around old castles and cairns?


Hey Steven! Okay, I could alter my plans for Greece. Never been there, but I do love the way it looks. As long as I could have lots of lamb and virtually no goat, count me in. Thanks for playing!


An island...a Greek island to be exact. I don't know the name of it, but I'll know it when I see it. Technicolor houses on steep hillsides overlooking the blue Mediterranean. Let's see...population of about 30 would be enough, as long as one of them was a baker...and a butcher. I'm thinking lamb with fresh bread!

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