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June 14, 2009


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brain tumor

Nice pics you have posted I hope I can visit the place one of this days.

WISP Billing Software

Can't wait to visit. Planned the vacation there since last year.


So glad you had fun! I can't wait to try the new Woodside restaurant, it sounds fantastic!

Ramien Shalizi

Dear Laurie,

I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us.

Hope to see you back soon as summer is a very exctiting time of year around here with events such as the Mosquito Serenade at the Gaia Amphitheater, Marketfest, the Annual Beer & Wine Festival, Blues by the River and many others.


Ramien Shalizi
General Manager
Gaia Shasta Hotel (formerly Gaia Anderson Hotel)


Sounds lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.

And I hope your swans were nicer than the ones we encountered once when in Canada. They were like attack swans or something.

Suzanne Broughton

You didn't even bring your Jitterbug? You're like totally tied to that thing...

Kathi D

Oooooooh I heart those bed linens too! I totally judge hotels by their linens, and all-white all-luxe is IT.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Ah, clean linens. I've heard about those.

Rick's Cafe

Electronic detox? So you must have gone old school, using film for your photos:)!

Bob Cleveland

My dog used to have front-page newspaper accidents all the time. Mostly when he missed.

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