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June 24, 2009


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Da Goddess

We had that very same conversation regarding my grandfather's pipe. Or rather, my grandfather and I did. I threw up after. But I still love the smell of pipe tobacco and anyone who has a pipe is usually someone I end up talking to.

By the way, I was about 4, too.

Auds at Barking Mad

I turned green just *thinking* about the cigar smoke. I can NOT stand cigar smoke. Oiy vey!

I think I'm going to be ill just thinking about windy roads and cigar smoke. I either have to be driving, or sound asleep in the car to avoid severe car sickness.

Oh boy. the drive down to VA for blogfest is going to be interesting...especially considering Meg will be driving for part of it.


My mom and dad smoked cigs in the front while my sister and I made gagging noises and heavy sighs and pleas for mercy from the back seat. "MEH, the window's down," they'd say. We were both prone to carsickness too, and the smoke didn't help. I never, ever wanted to try it. When during college, I took one puff on one cigarette, offered to me during a stressful finals week, I decided it tasted like my parents' ashtrays smelled, and that was the end of that.

Big car phones. Heh!

Suzanne Broughton

I seriously don't know what I did without you and your parenting advice.

Mantel Man

Hilarious story! I suppose "Mantel Man" might once have been known as "Chimney Boy." However, I can't stand even to be around cigars today.

Our station wagon had another cool seating option: The Way Back, with its rear-facing seat. On one trip home from a visit to our grandparents' home in Fort Bragg, north of San Francisco, we were allowed to sit there and enjoy the fresh air through the open rear window. Facing backward on the curvy road was pretty cool for the first - oh, 2 miles. After that I left a trail of Trix cereal all the way to Willits.

I wonder if any motorists later said, "Look, Ethel, they re-striped the road! Funny color, though - is that Raspberry Red?"


This is one of your best pots ever. So funny! Yet ridiculously dangerous in so many ways! But so funny.

big hair envy

I LOVE your chronology of what would have happened in each different year....we have become the United States of the Offended!!!

Does your brother remember this story, or has he completely blocked it??!


Hi Peoples!

CBW, my dad actually smoked only on car trips. A few years later, however, he developed a cigarette habit for a while, but quit cold turkey when he felt too attached. And yes, there were some gnarly winding roads between us and half or our relatives.

Kathi, Mom didn't like the cigar smoke any more than I did. The irony is, about once every 2-3 years I will actually smoke a cigar, with the right people in the right situation.

MT, that would have made me into a life-long NON-smoker! But I guess tobacco has unexpected effects on different people.

Sorry about the dueling banjos, Miss Petunia. I try not to use music too much, but I just HAD to use it for that post. Still hanging around.

Thanks Elaina!

Hey Grandma J! My parents were actually very gifted in reverse psychology and all manner of parenting tactics, but Dad got it WRONG this time. : )

Hi Tiffany -- guess what? YOU'RE RIGHT. My siblings and I have been life-long non-smokers, with the exception of the aforementioned celebratory cigar now and then. And the funny thing is when my dad took up casual smoking a few years later, his kids tried REALLY hard to make him quit. He pretty much forced me to take a puff, and of course I choked, so I think his tactics were brilliant. Though unpleasant.

Thanks for reading and entertaining me with your comments, as always, my friends.

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Tiffany T

Wait! Did The Mantel Man become a smoker? See? This might be the most brilliant lesson on how to keep your kids from smoking.

Thing One and Thing Two have nothing on your Two Things. Hilarious.

grandma j

I love those stories about parental freedoms, regardless of whether they were right or wrong.

Both of my parents smoked like chimneys with all five of us kids in the car. Is it a wonder we all became smokers?

Cactus Petunia

The imagery, coupled with "Dueling Banjos"
had me in stitches!


Such a funny story. Love it!


Once my sister, about age four, tried to emulate our cigarette-smoking father. He'd run into the convenience store for something (probably more cigarettes), and she climbed into the driver's seat and steered that wheel for all she was worth. Then she grabbed a ciggy out of the pack and shoved it into her mouth. Backwards. All the little threads of tobacco came out in her mouth, and she gagged and spat and was done. But she was a smoker for a while in college. Personally, I blame that first taste.

Kathi D

I was SO hoping it was Mom.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Something tells me that Dad's smoking career was not limited to car rides, and possibly not even to cigars, but regardless these family stories--especially the ones which include your Dad--really make me laugh.

I'm car sick just reading this, especially the part about the windy mountain roads.

Pass the cigar.

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