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June 17, 2009


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Da Goddess

My grandmother taught me one of the most precious bits of swearing ever. Made me love her so much more.


Bullshit IS a great word.

I remember hearing my mom swear once. The word was asshole.

Thirty years later, I can't stop with the bunghole/cornholio/poop/fart jokes. Coincidence?

Suzanne Broughton

"YOu like that word 'bullshit' don't you?" Did you see On Golden Pond? That's a quote--my favorite quote--from that movie. And now back to comments that are actually relevant to your post...

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Out of the mouth of Dave's...

My grandmother used to always say, "What in the HELL-o Pete is she doing?" A clever way of cussing but not really because she's saying What in the...HELLO PETE! and get away with it.

Or something like that.

I need a cupcake. Make it a dozen.


My husband's grandmother was, shall we say, colorful in her expressions. If she disagreed with someone, which she often did, she was prone to say "well he's a horses ass anyway." :-)

Kathi D

Oh Bob Cleveland!

I once overheard my dad talking with my uncles late at night at Grandma's house and my dad said the "s" word and I was SHOCKED! I had never heard him swear, nor did I ever catch him doing it again. That bad "uncle influence" must have done him in.


Haha! I love stories like that. I have some Grandma cursing stories I could tell now but I'll save that for when I might do so in an optimally embarrassing moment, like when the pastor comes to visit her.

Bob Cleveland

"She was quite pregnant with her third child in June for little David's birthday..."

WOW. I had enough trouble getting mom to even WISH ME a happy birthday, let alone get ..... uhhh .... you know....

JD at I Do Things

Aw. I love a swearing grandma. Sounds like she was entitled to it. And now I want cupcakes.

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