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June 11, 2009


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that RAWKED!! It was rockin'. I wish that I had the entire song. Bob is way too sexy. Loved it Swams!
Yer so creative.


hee hee. cute! remind me to tell you about my first internet voiceover story. an experience where my parents thought i was doing porn online.

Rick's Cafe

Thought I was going to be okay.

Then it happened in the shower this morning and just so you know, it's all your fault.

I can't get that little diddy out of my mind...AUGHHH.

Bob Cleveland

Hmmm ... "Well, Bob, you are irresistable!"

"Pure and simple!"

"Naturally the best!"

So when do the royalty checks start coming? I could use a paint job on TAZ.

The Glamorous Life Association

Dude delete the first comment which is pimping something.

Totally bugs me

The Glamorous Life Association

Its Veggie Tales meets Beverages!

And I love it!

Nice smooth transitions, catchy tune and a clever idea. I may never look at my water droplets the same again.



Thought maybe you and your readers would like to try to win a ton of huge prizes. (Doesn't everyone like to win?)

Although I am still happily accepting (and pushily begging) for donated prizes for my fundraiser, I decided to get the ball rolling.


PLEASE click on the link and enter to win. And forward it to as many people as you possibly can.

I am DETERMINED to raise a tremendous amount of money in my Dad's honor.

And by donating, people have a chance (or many chances!) to win some fantastic prizes!!

So it's a win-win situation for everyone!!

Thanks so much!!


Rick's Cafe

I'm so envious of Bob....yeah, all Bobs!

Caution Flag

I'm feeling very uncreative and tech-savvyless. What fun work you do!

Bob Cleveland

Oh and I simply LOVE your line......

Bob Cleveland

You're certain that was animation, right?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Dial-up precludes me from watching, but maybe tonight I'll have access to some "real" internet and can take a gander.

Can you do an ad for Blog Fest? The spokes drop should be California grape, preferably from the Napa region.

Mental P Mama

This explains a lot....;)

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