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May 06, 2009


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Kathi D

OMFG you're good.


Oh, the pain. Whenever I feel foolish for attempting to talk Mandarin to anyone Chinese, my teacher always reminds me of her first attempts at English, when she offered a glass of fresh, steamed pee to a guest in her home. She meant to say "steamed pear" as in pear juice. Needless to say, the guest declined.

Da Goddess

Not much has stayed with me from the time I had Japanese neighbors. Except for the admiration I had for Lisa, my best friend at the time, who could eat the tiniest crumb from the driest of cakes with chopsticks.

Suz Broughton

Oh, great story, beautifully told! and we've identified yet another talent of yours, writing in a Japanese accent. Does the genius ever stop?

Bob Cleveland

I also had to study British before I went to London on business.

Tough deal.

Just don't ever tell your waiter over there that your napkin is dirty and you need a clean one.

Bob Cleveland

I only know one Japanese word, the one for calf. A missionary friend taught it to me.

It's pronounced like "YUNG-KAH-OOOOH".

Rick's Cafe

Does your Japanese have a Latin accent or does you Latin have a Japanese accent?

Caution Flag

This semester alone, I had one student reading aloud say, "Penis," instead of peanut. He walked out and NEVER came back. Another person in a different class read, "Orgasm," instead of organism. Unfortunately, the teacher can't really walk out and never come back. That teacher wanted to put that on her blog, but her elderly parents read it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You know Japanese too? What's the Japanese word for damn funny? Insert here in my comment.

My mother took Latin in high school. The teacher asked what "blah blah random Latin word blah" meant in English. My mother raised her hand, and the teacher called on her. Not able to decide whether the word meant town or city, she said titty.

And then proceeded to turn six shades of red, including one never before seen.

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