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April 29, 2009


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Now that's a good attitude!


Wonderful post. Sorry about the ants


Half full: I LOVE this post.
Half empty: I already finished reading it.

Caution Flag

I think you're brave to see the half-full part. Did the ants bite while you talked to the nice father and grandfather?

Rick's Cafe

Ahhh, just one of those challenges in life...always trying to fill the glass.

And when that doesn't work, teaching oneself the ability to look at an almost empty glass and truly believe that it's almost full.

Or as Bob notes, learning to appreciate how big your glass really is.

...kneeling on a red-ant hill?? - thought you were smarter than that. Maybe you're just a Mid-West girl after all?


Lovely. Those red ants? Those guys are MEAN.

Mental P Mama

What CBW said....

Bob Cleveland

Half-empty just means you have twice as much glass as you need.


Chesapeake Bay Woman

Love this, but am sorry for the half-empties, although they did provide a laugh or twelve.

My philosophy is this: Life is a glass half empty AND half full. Chug the water and make the glass empty. Then fill it up with wine.

It's all good.

Elaina Avalos

The last one so perfectly describes my weekend of glass half empty/glass half full it's not even funny.

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