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April 22, 2009


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myrtle beach golf

You can enjoy this game only if u paly it.

Fujikura Golf

Well, not all people have the same opinion. You might feel that golf is killing you but we can't deny the fact that golf is also a source of strength of other people


Golf schmolf. Where's the Beer Cart?

Rick's Cafe

Yeah, know what you mean about that evil game of golf and how it tries to kill people.

It's been pickling my liver for years....a slow, but not really too painful, death.


This is an excellent photo for this post, and I was pretty sure that the pretty girl lying down was Mormor in her youth. Nevermind that it's apparently New York City, and she was a country girl. It still took me until halfway through this post to figure out that this wasn't a Mormor story. Apparently I need more sleep. :)

Caution Flag

I don't think it's trying to kill you. I believe it just has a crush on you.


Me, mom seeing my son (7ish) in a big chair watching golf on tv. "What are you doing?"

Son: " Playing retired"

Mental P Mama

I think golf has it in for most of us. Even those who try to smack that stupid little ball around. gah

Chesapeake Bay Woman

If you can believe it, housework--especially laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and decluttering-- is even more dangerous than golf. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Kathi D

Just so you know, some of my friends call me their "Special" friend, and they must mean it in a good way, right?

Kathi D

I'm pretty sure Golf has it in for a lot of people. We used to live near a golf course and our neighbors who fronted the greens (??whatever they're called, I don't play) regularly had golf balls crashing through their picture windows.

You are Special, though.

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