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April 30, 2009


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Rick's Cafe

Gotta love our government hard at work.

Just because one child had the flu and missed school LAST week, the Health Department has determined that the entire school will be closed all of NEXT week.

And no, the child never went to the hospital, never needed to go to the hospital and...he's all better now.

The school administration is just as culpable in displaying their fear.

I wonder, how does one sue an organization to force them to behave like they have a set?

....this really screws up my tee times for next week.

Kathi D

Wait a minute. What happened to Keith Moon? Are the 60's over yet?

Mental P Mama


Rick's Cafe

...gotta watch out for those wireless keyboards - when the cell phone rings and the microwave is running, the keyboard hits the 'enter' key all by itself.

And now, after I figured WHAT happened, I've forgotten what I was going to say after 'Vice-President'...

Does Swine Flue have any affect on one's brain & memory?

Or maybe I should just call it a day and try to get in a round of golf before the kids get home from school...

blissfully caffeinated

Thank you so much for clearing this all up for me. I will indeed stay off the magic bus.

Rick's Cafe

Pete stole that talk from the Vice President...

Caution Flag

Thank God for you. Really.


I know I turn first to my local TV station for all the breaking news and facts about impending pandemics that are a threat to all humanity!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Were they talking about this Who Flu from Whoville?

You better you better you bet.

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