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April 29, 2009


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Cactus Petunia

I think Chas may be a long-lost relative of mine...My family, brothers, sisters, father...all of them share his enthusiasm for er, poop euphemisms. (poopemisms?)



Elaina Avalos

Dropped a deuce!! That's just friggin hilarious. I may have to use that one.


I can't tell you all how much I have laughed at your comments -- I always do! -- and how much traffic I have to do and don't have time for and ACK! I can't explain traffic and --

Da Goddess, as soon as I can I'm coming to find those stories in your archives.

CBW, that was one of the funniest things I have heard in FOREVER. Of course, the whole time I was thinking (nervously), "Did he FLUSH first? Did he was his hands BEFORE picking up the scissors?"

Musingwoman, don't feel bad. That's pretty much my story, too, but I had to go and marry the Eskimo of Poop.

Bob, you nearly put me on the floor. I will toss those new words out there for the husband sometime -- he'll be impressed. And you didn't erect a stool sample shrine in YOUR yard, too, did you? ; )

Caution Flag, I'm imagining a baseball announcer -- "Oh, a swing and a miss . . ." -- or perhaps a basketball color announcer like the dreaded Dick Vitale -- "He's a TP'er, BayBEEE!!" but I can't imagine what that must sound like from the other room. That's okay; I don't need to know. : )

MomZombie, that's hilarious (both). Maybe, with the 3-year-old, it's like art: you don't know a thing about it but you know a good one when you see it?

San Diego Momma, I especially wanted to hear from you, because you are known for your frank discussions of poop, are you not? When Da Goddess's spell has lifted, perhaps you'll share.

Thanks, everyone -- now back to traffic and revisions and letters and etc. Have a great day!

-- Laurie

San Diego Momma

I came here to comment, but I was temporarily bamboozled by Da Goddess's killer and barking poo reference.

Bob Cleveland

And of course we've all heard that Eskimos actually ARE rocket scientists.

They've had ICBM's for YEARS.

Bob Cleveland

Moving now to the TMI Department, Small World Division, I'm this morning mailing off 6 samples of the Subject Matter to My Gastroenterologist for something called a hemoccult test.

If I'd only know. I've been throwing the stuff away all my life.


We have a three year old in residence who has now decided to not only inform us of her bowel habits, but to rate them as well. We have "good poop" and "bad poop." Not sure we have the distinctions figured out.
Also, just watched "Running with Scissors" in which one of the main characters finishes his "morning constitutional" only to realize it's a sign from the gods, foretelling great fortune. He advises his wife (!) to scoop it up and place it in the yard as a shrine.

Caution Flag

I don't quite understand the need to discuss the event, but I married a guy whose hobby is narrating his sessions. Now 3/4 of our children do the same thing. I shudder when I think what my future daughters-in-law will think of us.

Bob Cleveland

Not to mention "FOURFLUSHER".

Bob Cleveland

Well, we don't have a lot of clever names for that sort of activity, here, but I CAN tell you that the words "FOOTSTOOL"and "BROWNOUT" do have a somewhat different meaning here.


I was such a sheltered child. The only thing it was called in my house was No. 2.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Once in another life on a holiday weekend, I awoke to the sounds of someone having a rather animated session in the bathroom. As soon it was (mercifully) over, the individual marched straight to the newspaper and cut out an ad for a furniture store sale, which was announcing a "Memorial Day Blowout." He then taped it on the bathroom door, although he should have also cordoned it off with that yellow police tape.

This same individual also said once he could SH#! through the eye of a needle. Often. Too often.

Oh, the stories I could tell on this topic, but I much prefer reading about yours, and that Smedley is as funny as her Mamma.

Da Goddess

hahahahaha! I love it. Remind me to tell you about the killer poop in our house sometime.

Oh, and if you really want some fun, somewhere in my post-op archives there's a post about the poop that barked.

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