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April 05, 2009


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See yah, that's why I stick to real crime. It's a lot less predictable and I haven't been caught out by that CSI guy yet.


Death by Bunga Bunga?

That sounds painful, Cornholio.

Da Goddess

I have to disagree about Monk. But that's okay. I still love you.

Bob Cleveland

Yup .. a lot of crime shows really are.

Cactus Petunia

Dave looked over the newspaper at me this morning and commented: "Oh, boy- tonight we can watch "NCIS" and then "The Mentalist!" Woo Hoo. Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the old "Man from U.N.C.L.E." episodes I've been getting from Netflix...although, (a much older)David McCallum IS on NCIS.

Caution Flag

Please tell me how I've managed to miss your delicious blog until today? You are so right about the shows (and I know 'cause I watch them faithfully.) And you use vacuous in your description!! I've got to remember to stop by here tomorrow and then some.

Gubby aka ijefff

Good crime dramas:

Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
The Shield

All on cable. The networks have become good for sports, news and game shows.

Law & Order is soooooo 1990's


Rick's Cafe

So agree, poor Tony.

Don't understand how Law & Order and all the variations (Special Unit, etc) can draw so many viewers that two and sometimes three stations will run these shows for 3+ hours each. Specially when there are so many decent shows out there like The Big Bang Theory....for example.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Bob Cleveland is to be congratulated on the proper use of the word "voila." There are many out there who would have said, Viola! Case solved.

Sheriff, Voila/Viola Police

p.s. I hate all TV now. Nothing really excites me except for those Discovery shows about people with 400 kids,who can feed their families on $15.00 per week and make their own clothes and still smile incessantly like some crazed lunatic. It's a morbid curiosity, really.


The Glamorous Life Association

So my Jack thought it would be funny to record the 'doink doink' sound to his phone. which he did. And then would play it at (in) appropriate moments. Like when his dad was grilling his little brother about a lost sweatshirt. and poor little Tucker tells his dad "I don't know where it is"....and you guess it. Jack pushes the play button.."doink doink"....

VERY hard not to laugh.


Even though I don't usually watch crime dramas, now I'm going to have to, so I can see it for myself.


It does seem as though there are few quality offerings on the thousands, millions of channels. How can this be? What's the one where they dissect a crime scene and use a lot of special FX and graphics to help us understand? Oh, whatever it's called, it just gets on my nerves.


Is it a bad thing when I can identify with being too lazy to do nothing on the internet? Bodes well for my Easter holidays.

Bob Cleveland

Yeah they are SOOOO predictable. I just love it when, immediately after The Crime, the scene passingly features some Big Name Stollywood Harlet as a maid, or some WellKnownGuy selling hot dogs. You just KNOW they ain't just on there to do THAT, so.....VOILA'.... case solved.


You're so right! I'll never watch another crime show the same way ever again. LOL

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