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April 22, 2009


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Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

There was drama and I missed it. Always late to the game, mostly because I was at a T-ball game, which right now? Is running my life!

Ms Elizabether Jones

Well, Miss Foolery, I see that the kingdom is crumbling and nary a peasant to right it, or write it. I have missed you. I've blogged all out of words for my own failed blog. Red legs rode into town and burned it down.
I sure wish that I was a better blogger. If you don't mind, and if this is a lawless town, I may rebuild one day. I'll be taking some of your words, and don't bother calling no sheriff. Law dog don't go around here.
With Love
Displaced Blogger
Mrs. Gunter

Da Goddess

Having been blogging as long as I have, been through this so many times. People stealing templates and then content and images and the blog names.

I've learned that it's best to just say, "excuse me, but you're stealing my shit. Cut it out or I cut your heart out. Thank you and have a nice day."

Once you make it majorly public, things get ugly.

Suz broughton

Me too, like Elaina spent a long time going through all this. Pretty incredible that people would do this.

Rick's Cafe

CBWs on my side of the room and she's keeping up and I can't get to sleep and I'll be grumpy all day tomorrow because CBWs picking on me....MAA, make her stop.


What a horrible story.

And now I am hypnotized. I am in your power. Your wish is my command.


I'm sorry, what were you saying? I couldn't stop staring at the twirling spirals of mesmerization.


:::whining::: But I have to go potty...

Plagarism is such a stupid thing - it denotes a lack of character, a lack of creativity, and eventually will cause grief to both author of origin and plagarist. Why do people have to steal words, thoughts, ideas? Honestly, it's like they're terrified if they rely on their own efforts, they won't be good enough. And perhaps if one isn't good enough to attract an audience on one's own, one should look to other pursuits rather than becoming a thief.

Shame, shame, shame.

Good of you to clear up your own bit of the tangle, Mizz Foolery.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cactus Petunia

Thank God you cleared that up...although I do think she should've enlisted the Knights who say "NIT!" Or at least set fire to the shrubbery.

Kathi D

I have to go unscrew my eyes now.

Thank you for everything. Drama, comedy, mystery, hypnotism. All of it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm sorry and do not mean to make light of what sounds like something very bad, something I'd normally have strong, cheeky words for, but.....

Did you say something after peasants?

Because right now I'm scrolling right back on up to The Mesmerizing Swirling Thingies which are *better* than acid, and I've never even *done* acid! AND it's better than heroin and I've never done that either.


Lo siento muchisimo, cbw

The Mom Bomb

I'm exhausted from that saga. And I somehow feel dirty and unclean. That's probably because I'm a filthy blog peasant.

Rick's Cafe

...can I have a drink of water?

Rick's Cafe

You didn't tuck me in....


Thank you for clearing that up! And are those spinning things supposed to hypnotize me into wanting bagels and cream cheese for breakfast? because if so, they're working perfectly, even though I just had bagels and cream cheese last night for dinner (I'm a healthy eater like that).

Elaina Avalos

So now I just spent I don't know how long reading the trail about the real MM and not Musing. I cannot believe people do stuff like that! Gross!

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