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March 04, 2009


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Suz broughton

Oh, I just love seeing my name in writing. THanks for the linkie.
I can't tell you what know about irony because that will be irony--which I have given up for lent. Arr, I'm doing it right now aren't I?


How about: I spent three years dating a British guy, and doing our mutual best to be on the same side of the Atlantic at the same time (and often being able to connect only through letters) -- only to have him get into a graduate program at my university and rent an apartment two blocks away from me...mere WEEKS after we broke up. And then I had to spend the NEXT three years doing everything I could to avoid running into him or hearing reports of sightings of him every single day.


All these stories seem to be about traveling, but....

Bill and I were in Dublin ages ago -- 1993. We'd noted to eachother that it was *such* a white city. We did not ONE person of color as we walked around and around and around. We were near Trinity College one day and from a distance spotted a black guy. "Oh look! A black person." (I know, I know, it sounds odd but it WAS odd). And then we got closer.... "Hi T.J." "Hi Ellie."

Bob Cleveland

I'vebeen thinking of giving up hypothetical questions for Lent.

I wonder .. what will that be like?

Busy Bee Suz

What a great story...I don't know if I can think of anything ironic enough to post it...but I enjoy reading others!!!


Ooooh I LOVE irony! Ok here's my newest one...

I was recently invited to a casual gathering of local bloggers on a Sunday afternoon at one lady blogger's house. I had never met anyone in person before, and had honestly only read a few of their blogs before. We drank cosmos and had a wonderful time. A few days later I was mentioning to my fiance (who is an avid paddle tennis player) that this particular blogger also occasionally played paddle with her husband, and I had a feeling it was at the same club my fiance (Billy) played for, because they lived in that town. This particular club is about 30 mins from our house, but its one of the only ones in the area that accepts non-club members on their paddle teams (and doesn't cost a fortune). So Billy asked me what their last name was. Once I gave it to him he thought for a minute and realized that he had been teaching this woman's husband tennis (Billy is also a tennis pro) for the past 2 months.

Just one of those small world things. I realize that it seemed a lot more interesting when it actually happened than it does written here.

Mental P Mama

I love Irony. And I loved your response to her on twitter.... I wonder if she has had her colossal Lenten Fail yet.


I hate irony - I can never seem to get all the wrinkles out, and usually wind up pressing some in anyway...and also, buttons are a bane...wait...wait...you said ironY, not ironING.


Sorry, I have nothin'.

Shade and Sweetwater,

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