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March 27, 2009


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If I behave myself at Shawnie's, will they give me a sticker and sugar-free lolli?


Well at the rate our insurance keeps getting more expensive, I might need to have Shawnie's number on hand, just in case.

Love the hospital and paper gowns- very creative!

Suz broughton

She's a smart one all right. Not a bad architect either.

The Glamorous Life Association

Okay so I have one important question...

How is the food at Shawnie's?

Rick's Cafe

Bob; don't know about you, but staying in business for the last 25 years was pretty easy. Trying to figure out how to stay in business for the next 25 years has done a real number on my hair follicles....not to mention my waist line!

Bob Cleveland

I think Rick is spying on me. I don't got much hair, am about 12 feet short for my weight, and I have a collection of model cars and stuffed animals.

And 50 years in the insurance business.

I'm callin' somebody.

Rick's Cafe

It appears Smedley has met the Insurance Genie.

He's a harmless cousin of the Tooth-Fairy but doesn't have the same advertising budget.

On the down side, he's a bit overweight and slightly balding.

But to his credit, he's a master at protecting toys(of all sizes) and rumored to be a pretty good snuggler too.


Little sponges, they are. Also? Waaay more creative than my own offspring.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

She's a genius, I'm telling you. Sheer genius.

Cactus Petunia

They hear EVERYTHING! Even things you actually say TO them!

Mantel Man


Do you not remember Smedley's recitation from Uncle MM's Pepe le Pew DVD?

"Did you know that when you are in love, it is almost impossible to get insurance?"

Bob Cleveland

Yeah but if you stayed there, it might turn into a permanente arrangement.

Mental P Mama

Shawnie for Surgeon General!

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