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March 08, 2009


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This was a fascinating story is a horrifying kind of way. And now I'm going to go have some ice cream. Not soft-serve, thankfully.

Mental P Mama

Now all I can think of is auto dog ice cream. And I feel so smart. I hope CBW is telling the truth;)

JD at I Do Things

I wish I could say I didn't know the term "coiler," but I'm afraid I did. Do. OK, I'll just say it. I have produced a coiler. What? It's not just dogs.

Funny story.

Mantel Man

I never thought of the analogy to the "machine that goes BING!" but I suppose it's quite appropriate. Brilliant!

I don't know about the tingling sphincters, but for rating the difficulty of night landings, we used an informal scale called "pucker factor."

Auto-pilot and auto-dog normally have nothing to do with each other, but let's just say that if the pucker factor was high enough on any given night, no auto-pilot was produced for a while afterward.


Fascinating! In a tingling-sphincter sort of way.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Well, I started off wondering how you and your brother got on the topic of doggie do; then I quickly remembered that my friends and I have always theorized that every single conversation we ever have deteriorates (?or blossoms?) to bodily functions, food or sex, not necessarily in that order.

All that aside, it's obvious that humor and wit run in the family. Can Mantel Man come to Blog Fest? I promise I'll rent a soft serve machine.

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