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January 16, 2009


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The Mormor stories are always entertaining...but can I say that THIS photo is DIVINE? If only hairstyles were like this now, I would totally cut one little lock of bangs and spend an hour greasing it into one perfect curl on my forehead before class. This is fantastic.

Da Goddess

LOVE the photos! And the story.


Dag. One thing you can say for sure: at least she is embracing her Inner Curl.


I'm seriously in awe of Mormor. Also? I need to call my grammy.

Mental P Mama

Why has no one mentioned that hairdo?? She was stylin'! And I would expect her to fly a plane, too.

Rick's Cafe

I can imagine that little train trip only emphasised (vs being the exception) other Mormor childhood activities. No doubt making her the envy of all her classmates.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'll bet the reason why she was picked over a boy had something to do with moving that Johnson bar, but I could be wrong....

Great story, as always.

Bob Cleveland

Do you know how fortunate you are? You've displayed more lore about your mormor than I have, total, for all my grandparents.

Well, except maybe that my grandmother married her husband's brother after she was widowed, which really messed up my family tree,

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