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January 27, 2009


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I'm just browsing through your blog and this entry really resonated with me...maybe because I didn't know either of my grandfathers, maybe because I LOVED that movie your Papa was in, maybe cause I just lost my Dad. Whatever the reason, this post made me smile :-)

Joan Hunt

excellent story once again


Nice story and photos. The mile and the 1/2 mile times are good indeed, especially for the period and the conditions (cinder track, etc.). Carl looks like he wants to fly.



Sigh. We just don't live our lives in a way that will leave stories like this for our grandchildren. I need to get me a dance band.....



Very nice family bio.

Kathi D

You come from remarkable people. And you do a good job of filling their shoes.


Oh DANG you, foolery, I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye in the end. That was beautiful.

Mental P Mama

I never tire of these memories. I love this Carl one the best. What a gift.

The Glamorous Life

Good people come from good stock (same as soup too it occurs to me).

You are so lucky.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Oh, that last sentence really caught me off guard and is so incredible.



I loved my Papa - he was a large, mostly quiet man with a huge laugh and a terrifying roar if he was angered. I loved the time we spent together when I was a kid, and later when he was declining by inches into death.

I like your Papa's story.

Shade and Sweetwater,


Those pictures and information are truly wonderful! What a treasure to know these things.


Great story and photos! I also feel lucky I was able to grow up with my grandparents. They bring such a fantastic element to the family. I'm glad you were with your grandpa when he died.


Incredible story, and aweome, awesome photos. My favorite line: "supplementing his income with a dance band, carpentry, and ocean fishing." What? No surgery on the side?

Rick's Cafe

Looks like your well on the way of getting out of your funk.

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