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January 13, 2009


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deluol dit genest

ah! Angela....! super!


I adore your opera reviews, grousing, *gulps* and all. And I wish NPR would give your opera back to you too! Where do I write to tell them so?!?

Bob Cleveland

uhhh .... Laurie .... "in the end" is the operative phrase there.


Think about it.

Harry (and co-opted by Foolery)

"..I think he may have gotten to second base with his Fake Paulette right there in front of God and everybody.."

Wonder what rehersals were like and if Paulette could tie a cherry stem with her tongue?


Piggybacking because my own site won't let me comment! If you're having the same problem and have something to say, feel free to e-mail me at foolery (at) clearwire (dot) net.

Meanwhile, my comment . . .

CBW, I was pronouncing it LA RAWN DEEN, too, but I think that's actually a Simpson's character, wife of Cletus.

Rick, I LOVE Click & Clack! And folk music, too, but just not all Saturday and Sunday. I'm championing diversity -- equal time for Italians, French and (ahem, okay, if I have to) Germans!

Bob, I don't think there's anything sad about YOU. But you're right about Brunhilde -- she's gonna blow.

Steven -- a local viewpoint! Thanks so much for commenting. It's hard to imagine not being able to belt out an aria I don't know the words to, right along with the tenor as he sings it in real time in New York. Even better in the park, I'm sure.

And I am thrilled that four of the five commenters thus far have been MEN. Even if one of them is Harry come back to haunt me. : )

MWAHH! Thanks for reading my little screed, everyone -- and sorry it's so darned LONG.

-- Laurie


I do miss the Saturday Met show...what were they thinking? Back in a previous life, whenever I raced at Bidwell Park, my reward after the race (despite my next to last place finish) was to turn up the volume to FULL on the car radio as I drove home from the park, listening to opera as it should be heard. There's something about endorphins and opera that go well together.

Bob Cleveland

"...terribly sad in the end...."

Maybe I WOULD like opera. That phrase pretty well describes me, what with that prostate surgery and all....

And I don't know much German, but I think "Bewag" means "stand back"; if anything busts on that gal, somebody's gonna have to PAY.

Rick's Cafe

Maybe it was the opening picture of your post or that the opening comment was made by CBW, but all I can think of is "The Ride of the Valkyries" and the sisters of Bünnhilde(hubba hubba!).

The music will stick with me the rest of the day.

A mental image of a modern-day viking lady (trim and healthy from working out at the YMCA) being played by CBW, will also be hard to get out of my mind.

But I digress.

Am so sorry that your local PBS station has chosen to replace Opera with Click & Clack shows....just doesn't seem fair.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Wow. I am impressed. The only opera I've seen is that Buggs Bunny one you've taken pictures from. Also, I was pronouncing it la RAWN DEEN.

That first picture? She looks extremely familiar. Are you sure you don't have a secret camera hidden in my house snapping pictures of me while I bark out the orders to kids getting ready for school?

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