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January 14, 2009


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Oh, my... Do you really think GW deserves a Sound of Music Farewell? You are much more generous than I...

Kathi D

I will be so pleased to be saying "Buh-bye" to him! I saw George Stephanopoulos on TV and he said that after the President leaves the White House, the movers go in and change everything in time for the new President! Wowee.


You know what? Good man, I'd like to have a beer with him, I'd let him watch my kids even, but he just wasn't well-suited to the challenges of the world's most difficult job. Despite the pedigree. Thankfully we have term limits, and now someone else gets to try it for a while. Just the pick-me-up our nation needs after 8 years of mumbling and stammering.


. . . because Foolery STILL can't see any Typepad web sites, including her own, from work. Ahem.

Meg, you summed up nicely how I feel. I don't hate the man. Strangely, I may even like him (personally) now more than I did eight years ago. But not as my leader.

Your assessment of "ill-suited" sums it up nicely, I believe. Maybe I don't like his management style -- yeah, that's it. In any case, while I don't look to Obama to be a savior (that's a bit overstated, and yet that's how we're collectively viewing things at the moment), but a breath a of fresh air. A brand new journal to write in -- one whose binding creaks when you open it the first time.

Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone, as always. You make this so much fun!

-- Laurie

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Nah nah na na, nah nah na na. I'm so excited for things to come!

The Mom Bomb

Who else thought Christopher Plummer was kinda sexy in Sound of Music?

Cactus Petunia

And don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!

Rick's Cafe

How can the new administration go wrong? They've already hired (or about to)a tax cheat to be the person who will fix the economy.

Under self-preservation, maybe they'll just have to abolish the IRS - I'm all for that kind of change!!

Bob Cleveland

Mark my words .. history will reveal that Pres. Bush did a remarkably good job, much the same as what happened to Harry Truman. It wasn't until years later that his accomplishments were recognized.

Time will tell. As it will about President Obama.

p.s: I wonder if anyone ever noticed that, if you put an n, an l, and an a into the newly-elected team, you get...




Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm not sure 30 minutes is enough time to move all the crap he is. Oops, I mean to move all the crap he HAS.


LOL. How much do I love The Sound of Music?!

And my saying.."It's been real. It's been fun. Too bad it wasn't REAL FUN"

Rick's Cafe

Amazing, the talent continues to flow forth.

Too bad you're not in the Mid-west....you could entertain the 'troops' stuck at home due to all the closed schools this morning!


DOH! A George, a sad, sad George.

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