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January 15, 2009


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Rick's Cafe

Seems as if I might have developed a bit of a reputation, hmmmmmmmmmm.
.....but now that were speaking of hummers, let me tell ya a story...:)

Actually I'm currently standing by my desk, moving my arms around in large circles while clapping. ....Yes, I'm giving Gubby a round of applause. YEA!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

My understanding of "giving it up" for Gubby is it's either applauding or marauding,
and in either case naked women are involved.

(I'll wait here until RC types a response. The mere thought of naked women, which by the way have nothing to do with your post but may have something to do with giving it up for Gubby, is enough to have RC busy typing a response all night long.) : )

-Cheeky (with apologies for utilizing so much real estate and not really contributing anything - it's my specialty)


I need the employee discount to purchase a mac book! Seriously I sending healing thoughts Steve's way!

Bob Cleveland

I think I heard Steve Jobs had an occurrence of pancreatic cancer in 2004. It is, apparently, back.

Mental P Mama

Isn't that sad? I wonder what he has....

Rick's Cafe

(love the crickets too)

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