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December 10, 2008


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Da Goddess

Nope, gotta nix the Urich on that one. I'd call him more a Monty Hall. (Bobby's too beautiful to be associated with Blago)

Auds at Barking Mad

You nailed it!

Although poor Bob Ulrich must be turning over in his grave (wait, I think he's dead?) to be compared to someone like Blago...Blag...whatever the hell his name is. *lol*

Oh gosh, I just saw CBW's addition to the sum. She's pretty dead on too.

Rick's Cafe


...oh wait, one can only say that on a new post...

Just a little Holiday tease to go along with the holiday cheer! See you when you return.


totally, totally accurate, and LOLsome.

Suz broughton

Uncanny! This really is a superpower. Well done.


Spot-on! Bravo!

Bob Cleveland

Couple things ... one is that WKRP was one of my all-time faves on TV. That'n Barney Miller.

Also, I used to work with a guy named Herb who was similar in a scary number of ways, to Mr. Tarlek. Come to think of it, one guy who was a lot like Les Nessman, too.

Last .. has anyone commented on the Illinois Governator's first name?


How apropos.

If you know what I mean.

Mental P Mama



>>Better a receding hairline than an advancing one.

I second that!

Rick's Cafe

Was so looking forward to a new post to go with the fresh coffee.

You've spoiled me (us...as I'm sure I'm not the only one)

Rick's Cafe

Sure would be nice to have a fresh post to go with the fresh coffee.

You've spoiled me!

Elizabeth Blizkin

Oh Swams, how perfect. I've missed you. You've nailed the description of this man. Blagovischck is a blag o shi... is he not?
Love and Hugs


man, what an incredible f***wit that gov is. i'm kind of curious now about what will happen to candidate #5, aka jesse jackson jr. it takes two to play that sort of game, and allegedly, he is the dance partner.

not that my confidence in government is shaken. no, not at all. this is chicago, after all, where the dead come back to life every four years and vote.


As usual, you crack me up.


Wow, that's perfect.

Crazy story, huh? A NYTimes analysis yesterday descripbed Blagojevich as "delusional, narcissistic, vengeful and profane."

But man, can he count.

Charlie Hills

Being a former Chicagoan (and I still have family there) I've managed to keep up with this "governor" more than most of the country. So glad he finally got nailed. I always new his uppance would come.

And guess what? We both posted pictures of WKRP characters on the very same day!

Rick's Cafe

And I thought I was getting here early this morning...CBW beat me again.

Now if I could just get her to do it while wearing a little.....:))

Chesapeake Bay Woman

To that equation above, add + Gopher from the Love Boat and you have yourself a winner.

Or a loser, actually.

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