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December 27, 2008


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Da Goddess

You made me hork water out of my nose with the Rosie comment. Thank you for that.

Auds at Barking Mad

Good lessons indeed.

The pack mentality extends into almost every corner of our lives. Sad, but true.

Rick's Cafe

RE: Update.
To humans, all cats look alike...like cats....and all cats act alike.

Bucky knew better and was able to tell which were the good cats and which were the trouble makers that needed to be told to 'leave town'. Bad cats that would bring disease and damage the farm were discouraged, while the good cats who would protect the family were rewarded.

On the other hand, it could just be a good ol' boys club that required a secret hand shake to be admitted. Those who tried to sneak in get punished.

Cactus Petunia

Yep. We're all animals, but some of us are just a bit more evolved than others, that's all. (It's up to you to determine who's the most evolved...I'm not so sure lately!)

The Glamorous Life

I just heard from Bucky (he is living near Boca Raton these days in a lovely assited living facility) and tells me he was trying to BREAK UP the fight between the cat and the OTHER dogs under the porch. He had nothing to do with it. That neighbor just never liked him...something to do with him reliving himself under said porch. I will let Bucky know you say hello. He is pretty popular with all the lady dogs and CATS these days.....

Chesapeake Bay Woman

So what you're saying is that acid-washed jeans are no longer fashionable? Not that I have any, I'm just asking on behalf of a friend.

Rick's Cafe

Dogs and cats are aliens from waring planets. They've come to earth to escape their problems and disguise themselves as domestic pets. They just can't always escape their former lives. (yeah, that's the ticket!)

Coyotes are just wild animals....unless you're talking to Shreve Stockton who offers a different perspective.


Good lessons.

Coyote will lead dogs out to the pack to kill them - they do it because they can, I think, and to prove that brains trump brawn.

One of the reasons I decided to teach the Evil Genius at home was because our schools here in Georgia are rife with the "think, act, and be like everyone else or suffer" mentality, and I actually WANT him to question why things should be the way they are and make choices based on his own conscience and not what others demand of him.


Shade and Sweetwater,

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