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December 21, 2008


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Rick's Cafe

I don't find it a bit unusual that you, a dork, didn't date.

It's a unique dilemma one finds themselves in when they are a dork (usually band related). Normal people shun you and there for won't date you.

Other dorks think of you as a kindred spirit, a friend, a confidant, a bartender, even as close as a sibling - and it's just not right to date your own sister...unless one's in the hills of Virginia! Even then, that type of relationship is usually limited to cousins (so I've heard).

Kathi D

Dork, my ass.

You were a Hot Hussy.

The Glamorous Life

I will be expecting my surprise something-or-other for reading (and loving) that entire post.

I love to learn more about you. It just fascinates me. And why? Cuz I loooove (burp) youuuuuu. Youuuu are Schpechal to meeee.(fall off barstool)

Go on with your bad birthday geisha self! Oh it is October in July alright. Oh yes it is!


Uhhh... who's on first?

This is so well written and man, what a scene at your surprise birthday party! Yes, it was always feast or famine with me in the dating world. I don't know why that is. Gah.


Oh how I wish I could have been your friend back then..that sounds like a fun group to hang with.
I am anxious to read more!

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