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December 29, 2008


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I can barely keep up on reading posts I follow on blogger. I have all but given up on both MySpace and Facebook - I won't even look into Twitter! Sorry, can't deal!


I love you for this. The kind of snob he describes is precisely the kind of person who is sane on Twitter. Why follow the crazy home "business" people who choose to follow you, just because they're hoping you'll follow back and then get bombarded by their daily tweets about some nutrition supplement you don't want to know anything about?


I guess I'm a semi-snob. I generally follow those who follow me, but I don't those who follow a bazillion people and only have a few following back, and I don't follow people whose tweets only consist of, "New blog post..."


Oh Foolery. You've just demonstrated one of the many reasons I love you.

And I love Rick's idea about hooking up Perry and the Twitter Whore. THAT's a video I wanna see!

Mental P Mama

I'm a sorry addict. And it took my own children a week to 'friend' me.


Oh, I so agree with you. In fact. when I "meet" new people, I won't follow anyone who has a ridiculous amount of followers or followees.

Who has time for all that? I even "unfollow" people who tweet too much.

Like you. I want to leave and read smartass and snarky comments that I can't or won't say in real life.

Suz Broughton

I'm a Twitter "snob." This is exactly the type of person I don't want to follow.

Major Bedhead

Wait, John Hodgman is on Twitter? Must. Find.

I'm sort of a Twitter snob, too. I only follow people I have some sort of connection with.


Wait a minute -- are you teling me that Imogen Heap and Barack Obama are NOT hanging on my every word? WTF? You mean all those tweets about my deep hatred for all things Goo Goo Doll and my excessive farting problem have fallen on deaf celebrity ears?

But I poured HOURS of deep thought into those tweets! I edited them, reworked them, erased and rewrote them countless times. Why, just yesterday I spent at least three hours composing that brilliant tweet about my stomach growling. I just KNEW that Guy Kawasaki's reply praising me for my cleverness and hilarity was right around the corner.

And now you're telling me that Guy doesn't CARE about my gross belly noises? THEN WHAT'S THE POINT?!

Thanks a LOT, Foolery.


Bob Cleveland

What's. Twitter?

Uh ... forget I asked.

I don't care. Kind of like the Circus Fat Lady's rear end. I know it's there, but I AIN'T GOIN' THERE!


What is the point of "friending" someone with whom one is not even tenuously connected? If one is to "friend" complete strangers, then I believe I may define "friend" a wee differently than these networking sites.

As it is, I have become rather lax with MySpace, where the only people on my "friend" list are actually folks I know or (bless 'em) to whom I am related.

I don't twitter at all and can't be bothered with facebook.

However, I DO have a warning on the sidebar of my blog that points out my foul disposition and manners of a troll, so perhaps the gentleman in question will excuse me. If not, well...I will proudly proclaim my jackassery, secure in knowing I'm in good company.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Rick's Cafe

Foolery, Foolery, Foolery.

(Do you have any idea how hard it is to type like Ted Knight talks?)

Maybe this guy should get together with the Twitter Whore Mommy Pie highlighted last fall?

So what's Foolery doing RIGHT NOW? ...rolling out of bed wearing a smile? "Follow me"....yeah right, follow you down the hall to the ... - no thank you :)!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Also, it just occurred to me that if I become addicted to twitter, facebook and blog I could call myself a Blog-Faced Twit.

Of course, here is Reason #38 to never comment before coffee. When will I ever learn...


Hmmm, I dunno. Barack Obama was following me on Twitter during his campaign. I'm thinking we'll be tweeting once he comes to town, too. He would've been so pissed if I blocked him. Don't wanna irk the future president and end up on some social media blacklist, now, do we?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I need to get on that Twitter bandwagon - I've been scared to check it out because I've already become a complete Facebook and blog addict, which leaves me no time for kids, work, cleaning house....Wait-- I think I'll go check it out now.

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