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December 04, 2008


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Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

OMG The comments! I'm loving it. I too liked the Chia Hippo. Tres clever. And I admit I did laugh at the news story until I realized it wasn't a joke (crud I'm still giggling). LOLRats? They're pretty smart.


It's a badge for you! Head over to my blog to claim it! :-)


Well, I was definitely CSMing (chuckling softly to myself) over the Chiapet one, which actually was very clever, I thought. But perhaps LOLMarmots would be funnier than LOLHippos?

Da Goddess

P.S. Rhinos could use a bit more exposure. And I love them. I think they're one of the most fascinating and enchanting creates on the face of the planet.

You do recall that my photography biz is called Laughing Rhino, right?

Da Goddess

Hippos ARE funny! I mean what other animal would take the time to find a dwarf when they were in the mood for a light snack?

Chuck Bartok

What a fantastic Post and so much fun to know another Local Orlandite has Humor.

Keep up the Good Work!


Bob Cleveland

AND don't you know that momma kangaroos just HATE IT when it rains? I mean, the kids have to play INDOORS....

Bob Cleveland

I seriously believe you have unearthed an absolutely untoppable instance of Schadenfreude. I could hardly read it to my sweetheart for laughing so hard. Particularly the last sentence.

I always thought Llamas were pretty funny. I even know a poem about them (which I'm sure you know cuz if I know sumthin I figger everybody does)(thank you O. Nash):

The One-L Lama, he's a priest.

The Two-L LLama, he's a beast.

But I'll be my hat and my silk pajamas..

There aren't any Three-L LLLamas.

(I guess that COULD be a nickname for a really bad fire in a big city...)

Then there's the Pelican..


I say stick with the hippos!

San Diego Momma

Wait. So was Od swallowed whole?
If so, maybe he's still in the hippo's stomach awaiting rescue.

We need to gut that hippo, STAT.


I really cannot stand that crap, either. The pictures may be adorable, but the text on them gives me a serious old-person's headache trying to figure out the the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks they are trying to f'ing say!


You funny.


LOL that's great! I admit...I would be a bigger fan of LOLcats if they didn't intentionally freaking misspell everything! Its incredibly ANNOYING! And it's spreading everywhere...viral doesn't even cover it. I hate it when people use it on their blogs or site. So annoying.

But hey, I could get with the LOLHippos! Or how about LOLllamas!


Ohmuhgoodness, that WAS funny!

Warn a gal so she doesn't snort out a Taco Bell Cinnamon Twist next time, OK??

Shade and Sweetwater,


Did I miss something? Where is the spinning tail poop fan? I still have a few Christmas gifts to buy.

Cactus Petunia

A freak accident? That's just too weird. Almost as weird as a hippo with a gag reflex that works in reverse!


Hello, my name is Kit, and I think LOLcats are funny.

Oops, I think I'm in the wrong support group. . .

But I liked LOLhippos, too.

Kathi D

You totally made that up.

Didn't you?


Love that chia pet!

You have a winner here I do believe!


I wasn't LOL-ing until I read the words "freak accident." Then I fell off of my bed and my head exploded all over the place!

I admire CBW's pluck for actually looking up LOLcats because seriously, girls? I really don't get it beyond what little context I've been provided. Shit, I must be getting old!


Oh my GOSH! Yes LOL Hippos was hysterical. You drew tears Lady. Real laughter tears with this post.

But not funny to you?

What about LOLMommyBloggers? I Haz to Chnge mah Britches now. I laf too hard.

Laurie Ann

I cannot stop laughing at the dead dwarf. Is that wrong?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

When I saw the title, I thought for sure you were going to tell us how we can haz netz income by blogging. Then I saw LOLcats and, since I live under a rock, I was befuddled and forced to go to my best friend Wikipedia, where I received my Lolcat briefing for dummies.

Thanks for keeping me current. I am in awe of your hipness and relevance.

What about a Lolfiddlercrab?


What about LOLbats? No?

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