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December 02, 2008


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Suz broughton

I love to see the pictures of you. Thanks for posting them.
My husband has a big head, too. Everyone says so. I say so all the time.

Suz broughton

I love to see the pictures of you. Thanks for posting them.
My husband has a big head, too. Everyone says so. I say so all the time.

Rick's Cafe

...or couldn't find it?


Actually, Rick, it's not so much leery as "I just didn't notice."


Rick's Cafe

Obviously Snorpht, Foolery is leery of your Turkey Baster - a true sign of intelligence :))!

Snorpht FingerPoot

No takers?

OK now..... Gobble THAT!


Gubby aka ijefff

"Hey Uncle Gubby, what is that thing on your neck?"

"Oh... It's your head!!!", said Gubby's five year old niece.

I never should of taught her that....


This sounds like a most fabulous Thanksgiving. I was envying your foodlist email before, but now that I see you and how happy you look...serious food envy. :) I hope you had a wonderful time with all the family too.

Bob Cleveland

What ... you were so short on cabinet space and table surfaces that you had to take to stashing the joyjuice in the FREEZER?

That's some serious boozers you got there, lady.



Looks like a wonderful time, and you look fabu. We had a houseful of little cousins too ... who, I'm pretty sure, are responsible for giving ME a nasty stomach flu I'm just now getting over. So I feel your pain. Take your time and rest up.

Maybe some wine will help? Heh.


Oh I LOVE Tahoe. My cousins have a house there and they are constantly trying to get us to stay there. If we end up moving to Cali (remind me to ask you about a specific area) we plan to spend lots of time in Tahoe. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! Welcome home!!

The Glamorous Life

Those pics are great. My fav? The first one with the random hand which has a DEATH grip on their wine glass. Don't worry dude, we won't take it away!

Drama Mama

WIne makes evrything fun


I love it! I *love* a table full of wine glasses and wine bottles, everyone yakking at the end of a yum meal.

Looks like you guys are singularly keeping the dairy industry in business.

Snorpht FingerPoot

Gobble DIS!

Rick's Cafe

Ahhh, the morning cup of coffee while reading Foolery - doesn't get much better.

Overheard from a family member who was also suffering from the crude during the holiday....put the Vicks on the bottom of your feet (then socks) before you go to bed.

Don't know if it works or just excites the footophiles - either would be okay I suppose.

I prefer the more traditional non-stop sanitization of the oral cavity with alcohol.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I hope you feel better soon. That Vicks 44 you have in the big bottle there on the table in front of you will do the trick. Stick to that. You may need some help swirling the glass if you're weak, but one sip and you'll pep right up.

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