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November 10, 2008


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Unkka TomPoot

Well Rick,
She will after Barrrak gib her sum home. Id jus dat she ain gwin haffa pay fo de mo-gage fo dat howse cause Barrrrak goin make dem debbil white peepole pay fo its.


The DC-area meteorologists tend to deliver the forecast in one giant long sentence. There is never any clear division between thoughts - they always throw in a preposition. It is as if they are phobic about dead air.


Ack, it happened again!!!

Im going to lie (not lay, one lays carpet, one lies in bed) and close my eyes until the Internet and my Typo Beast have settled down again.

Shade and Sweetwater,


Hey, what the heck happened to my punctuation and spelling up there??? Honestly, it didnt look such a mess when I typed and posted it - I swear, there are gremlins in my Internet, and theyre dining on a feast of apostrophes, letters, and a goodly portion of my remaining sanity (although, as to the latter, theyre finding scant rations). Sorry bout the mess I made...now I need to go hunt me some gremlins!

I wonder if Sarah Palin has any tips...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

OK, I know I used proper punctuation. Have the commas and quote marks ever disappeared before?

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Im not sure if Im correct with mine, but when people say, he is the type of person that rather than type of person who. GRRRR!

Kathi D

Thats so untoward.

I have had to give up my spelling and grammar pet peeves, because nobody knows the difference between its and its any more, and it goes downhill from there.


Towards the end of the post it was like nails on a chalk board which sent me towards the edge of a cliff...

Just kidding.

I think he must have studied out here in New England because Kevin Mannix on our NBC affiliate does the same damn thing! And in the winter time it gets worse...way worse!

Bob Cleveland

Hey I got a BUNCH of peeves in this deal ..

Decimate used to mean ruin .. it means to kill 1/10 of.

Its used as the possessive form of it. Its is ONLY a contraction of it is.

Irregardless, especially now that it has become so widely used that the dictionary boys have started including it. See ... theyve even messed up the guys that ought to know better.

Horrific. At all. Ever. Whats wrong with saying terrific or horrible?

Confusing imply and infer. I dont mean to imply that YOU do that, of course.

There are others, but ALL of them pale in the face of people who drive with their fog lights on WHEN THERES NO FOG!



Its right up there with supposably, can I aks you a question? and I shoulda did it yesterday. And I work with a girl who says these gems and a whole bunch more all the time. In a nasally whine, no less. Its like finger nails on a chalkboard.


Oh, sugar, I feel your pain.

I am driven slightly madder when people use good when they mean well. You know, as in Youre doing god at that game. instead of Youre doing well...


Ill spare you the rest of my gripe list...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Rick's Cafe

Gosh, I kind of liked it when I heard the word overnight.

As in Do you want to stay over night?


Hokay . . . I need to say that Kris Kuyper is actually a meteorologist and does a good job. Also? Not at all snarky. If he would JUST move AWAY from the TOWARDS.

Next time: the Weather Channels overuse of the word OVERNIGHT, as in, as we head into the overnight . . . Huh? Whatsamatta with tonight?

I need to get out more, or maybe EVER. : )

Thanks for reading evahbuddy!

-- Laurie

Rick's Cafe

Hello, hello (aka snorpht) -

Why do I get this feeling that Peggy doesnt even have a mortgage?

That she rents and has probably worked her way into Section 8 housing under the justification that its just like the rent controlled apartments in NewYork.

ps. I cant believe that CBW beat me again. I know if I were up that early Id be having biscuits/gravy and coffee ready for all the sleepy heads!!


My BFF is a tv reporter and she tells me to never believe the weather man. LIARS!

The Glamorous Life

Gosh Foolery, what do you have towards them?



My husband and I have made a game out of identifying (and mocking) the improper use of the English language on TV, especially on the news - written/performed by Communication majors no less!!


I look TOWARDS reading Foolery each day with much anticipation!

HELLO...Hello..hello! Is there body in THERE... There... there.. is there anyone at HOME..Home...home??????

Looks like he heading towards being totaly gay

Rick's Cafe

Too Funny!
And I can just picture the living room....once you got it into your mind that youve heard the word once too often....thats all you would hear.

If it were my house, the children would latch on to what is bugging dad and start saying towards all the time too!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

He must have been studying towards the Chesapeake Bay area, because I am the Queen of Redundancy and Improper Use of the English Language.

Maybe he just needs to move towards a slap in the face. That might snap him out of it or at least towards out.

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