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November 18, 2008


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Puma Shoes

Thats an interesting post. I knew some of them but mostly it was new to me. I enjoyed it very much.Keep them coming, because you have a fan.


You have a condom add on your side bar and a hot man on your post. Coincidence?

I think not.

I read your bio info... love that you are a self professed lousy housekeeper. Me too! And the dullard part too, except I call that being "Stoopid" in my neck of the woods!


When you post about Mantel Man, I just skim right past the text, directly to the photo.


Mantel Man should have his own blog - hes an excellent writer. I forwarded this to Harley Guy who also fly fishes - hell like this story if he can get past the pole breaking part. That might be too much.


and they say fishing is relaxing. right?


Dude your bro is hot. Sorry, but he is.


I never had much luck fishing (although I managed to retain rod, reel, bait, and lures every time), which is just as well - I really dont like cleaning fish. Id rather swim with them.

Crabbing, though - that I can do.

Mantel Man, you write beautifully - thanks for the morning chuckle.

Shade and Sweetwater,


Great story! and I will also agree that your brother is a HOTTIE!
Genes not bad either ;)

all things BD

Love the fishing story. I used to go fishing every summer with my dad, so it brought back fond memories of untying my line from a tree.

And Mantle Man? Hubba hubba.

The Glamorous Life

I can not believe I tuned in today and just read an entire post about fishing. And like it.

But more importantly is that really Mantle Man in the last shot? Um, can I say MEOW to that? And -IS he single? Oh crap. Im not.

But hey-maybe I will take up fishing now.


Bob Cleveland

The way Mantel Man writes (whats with that nick, anyway .. does he sleep hanging over a fireplace or something?), Im thinking you two are twins.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Im casting my line out towards that last picture. If he were fishing and I were a fish, Id jump right in his boat. Or his lap.

But I seriously digress.

Great story, and if Mantel Man ever wants to go salt-water fishing, he can marry me. Ooops! No, that was a typo. He can visit me.

Or you can bring him with you when you visit me. Or you can be my bridesmaid.

Off for coffee now....

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