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November 08, 2008


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Now THAT is a serious trip to the doctor. Im so sorry youve had croup at your house. We had that a few years ago, and I remember how nerve-wracking the seal cough is. I hope both of them are getting well quickly. And you? You deserve a nice glass of wine and a deep bubble bath. :)

San Diego Momma

Wow. And I cant even ride a horse, much less make it swim across a river for help.
That is some brave parenting.

I cant imagine having to go through that for a doctor. But wed do anything for our kids, right?

Hope the kids feel better soon.

The Mom Bomb

Hugs to Smedley and Sparky. And to you. If you dont deserve a margarita, then no one does.

Weve never had croup but Im told your kid sounds like a barking seal.

cow punk

I vote your dad very brave...it is a terrible feeling when your child cant breathe. I feel for you and your girls. Its just a terrible feeling when they are sick. Heres hoping for a quick recovery!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I hope your girls are feeling better and Im glad you dont have to take a horse to the pediatrician. (You dont, right?)

Kathi D

Good lord!

Not to mention, they hardly had any drugs to fix things, anyway. Penicillin wasnt around till WWII, right?

lisa mertins

when my oldest was a baby (about 20 years ago), i had a wonderful pediatrician in very cosmopolitan orange county (CA). he was old school and his remedy for croup was 3 drops of syrup of ipecac. i treated all 3 of my children when the had croup with that. it worked every time...best wishes for a speedy recovery at your house!


Oh, my...he was a brave fellow.

I can relate to the fear of a child who cannot breathe - the Evil Genius has asthma, but it wasnt diagnosed until he was several years old. Mind, I knew from the first bout what it was, as I had it too, but the doctors kept snottily informing me that a child that young isnt diagnosed with asthma. Whatever - looks, acts, smells, and quacks like a duck? Its a duck.

More than once I sat up all night, watching and listening to him breathe, watching him struggle, use his whole body to draw one tiny breath and push it out again, sometimes shivering with the effort, watching to see if he turned cyanotic, trying to decide if THIS breath, if THIS moment was the one that would have me packing the pair of us into the car and off to the ER.

And my mother-in-law wonders why I wont bring him to her dog-pee, dog-hair, bird, cat and (not pet) rat, cigarette smoke infested home.


I DO hope the girls recover quickly.

Shade and Sweetwater,

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