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November 19, 2008


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Mantel Man

Notice how blissfully absent I was from all this back-and-forth nonsense?

I'm just gonna show up with comic books, Bailey's, and a turducken.

How much turd should I put in it?

Cactus Petunia

My sister's a chef. I feel your pain.

Kathi D

Im'a hafta kick that Bocki's ass.

Maaaaaaaaawwww! Bring me a kleenex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bocci intimidates the stew out of me and I haven't even met him. Better do what he says!

And I think he must be a superb cook for you all to put up with the bossiness. Good food has a way of making folks agreeable and docile!

Thanks for the peek into your family life!


My sister just emailed she's bringing 6 bottles of champagne. If we *each* bring 6 bottles, well, that's a party!

The Mom Bomb

Im hosting Thanksgiving and havent even thought about a menu yet. I need your brother to kick my ass into gear.

TAHOE!!!!! Im jealous.


I was so excited when my entire fam got together for the first time in years for a mini-vacation in Maine. Now I remember why I used to hate holidays so much. They just cant be nice for even a couple of days! Very envious of you right now. Hope your holiday is wonderful. Now I need to go see if my mom can help me blow my nose...


If I bring a case of wine (red and white evenly) can I come? I would cook, but I suck at it and the chef wouldnt like my food.


This is great. Found you through G.I.R.L. Love it!


Will you adopt me? I obviously belong to your family...smart-assery is one of my favorite sports!!

Tahoe looks lovely - I saw some photos in a home-building/decor magazine (shut up - I like to get ideas for my [probably wont ever get built] dream house), and it looks like the kind of place Id love - especially in Winter..

Meanwhile, I grok the disdain for canned whipped cream (I love making my own), but its difficult to tip homemade up and fill your mouth with the wonderful white stuff until it shoots out the corners...not that Ive ever done that or anything...

Shade and Sweetwater,


lasagna, prime rib, plenty of alcohol, in TAHOE.... Can I be your long lost cousin or something??? Please???


Hey, does it count if my kid has a runny nose? Maybe it will make him feel less vulnerable if you can tell him he was sort of correct?

Can he come to my house next year? Crap, I only have ONE oven though...


I wanna come! Your family sounds like a lot of fun..and sounds like good eatin to me!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

How did he know I have a runny nose and live next door to my mother?

Hes got skillz.

Now, Im off to read War and Peace.

Bob Cleveland

Im gonna hunt youse guys down like the KGB, and show up for dinner. I just have to. My great passion in life is weirdos and goofballs, and I think Ive found the MOTHER LODE!

Or maybe the World Headquarters.

Itd be like Boot Camp, all over!

***sniff ... sniff*** (well it IS chilly in the basement...)

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