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October 15, 2008


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Dude. Just say no.

You GOTTA stop smokin' crack.


Freakin' hilarious. And it turns out, he's not even really a licensed plumber, at least that's what was circulating on Thursday.

Just Passin Thru

No license & owes back taxes.

Now that his name and reputation is smeared, the lesson is learned and everyone will think twice before asking That One a question again.

On the bright side, Joe should be able to get a job as a 'talking head'....since they don't require a license.

Alias Liz Jones

I would crack a joke, but you've beat me to it. The irony is that 'Joe' doesn't even have a license. Now, I have to go warm myself by a crackling fire.


Ahhhh... NOW i get it. Funny stuff!

Big Hair Envy

Crack kills.


The Mom Bomb

Joe's butt-cheeks are refreshingly smooth and hair-free. Now that's one butt I can vote for.

Mental P Mama

Most plumbers I know make more money than the President does. And they understand about being in a high tax bracket. That being said, Joe would be a step up from what we've got there now.

blissfully caffeinated

That's hilarious!


SO freakin funny : )!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

OMG LOL! All the Joe The Plumber talk was making me nauseous.


Wow, that must've been one powerful debate to convince you to switch to the as* party (is Nick the VP candidate?!)
I'd better go watch it! (I recorded it last night, 'cause my husband is tired of all the politico-speak).

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Change is definitely needed, butt I had no idea it included a need to change underwear.

Or in this case, to put some on.


McCain on FOX: "Lose the debates - does not lose the election!" Watch interview here: http://yep.it/McCain

Cactus Petunia

"The butt stops here."

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