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October 01, 2008


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Alias Liz

Dear Swams, I have been thinking about those questions for over 23 minutes. For 23 hours constantly, I have pondered. I have them all figured out except the one about the Praying Mantis. Where do those babies hide? And why?
Also, I did a google search on politicians changing diapers and came up with nothing. That's weird.

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

That made me dizzy.


That's what keeps me awake at night, Poots.

Apache Dude Poot

Crisis isn't over till I SAY IT IS.

Cactus Petunia

Oh, thank God, Foolery's BACK!


Amen on the Tattoo's


I don't know about mantids, but we've had some of them here and I'm liking them! (One showed up last night even)

As for arbiters of taste, I'll take Clinton and Stacy over Martha, Oprah, or any of the rest of them. Okay, maybe Tim Gunn can come play, too.

Were you hanging out with me last night? Really, some of these topics are what I talked about with one of the cruisers last night. Were you hanging out behind us?

Da Goddess

Bob Cleveland

On the tattoo deal, I really think it's because "STUPID" would be too obvious, so they go with something else more, shall we say, esoteric.


I see the crisis is over at Mother B, huh, Poots? Or are you just blowing off steam? wink wink

Hope your head injury heals quickly -- MWAHH!

-- LauFoo


Maybe I was thinking of AssMarGirl. This site is NOT an anorexia haven you know and I gotta have my fun and chickies funny butts are ALL over the place for material. If ya'll'd just thong-it-up and get-er-out and done wit a few HiRes pix here and there ya'll'd really bring down the humor level, ya know?

How bout it girlies. I'll start a new picture web site "Thongs 4 Dongs". Gitcher emails a flowing.

Anyway, I guess a chick with a munky doin hisseff and a picture of AZ on her site can't be all bad if she likes ALL kinds of weiners.

So, Weiner Woman, which Hooters didja go to? The one in Mesa is about 5 miles from my house and is where the chickie that got tossed off the SW airline flite works at.


Bob, I SWEAR, I had it spelled PREYING, and then looked it up -- and CHANGED IT! I think it was Wikipedia, so yeah, I guess I got what I deserved.

Cheryl, I rarely consider any article of clothing "decor," with the possible exception of the head gear above. Please come kick my ass. We'll open a bottle of wine and I'll give you an Indian burn.

Cheeky, I found a cockroach in my house last night. AAHHHHH! I can take the giant black spider living in the bathtub drain (even adding him to our health insurance) but NOT cockroaches.

Hilary -- welcome!

Mommypie, if I can blame weight gain on my shampoo and get away with it I'll nominate you for some award.

MPM, I NEED to see those shoes.

Rick, wait 'til you see tomorrow's post (you may change your mind).

Hallie, how the heck are you? Glad to see you here, and aren't you glad there are no SPIDER photos?

Fanny May, the Arizona heat is getting to you. Hallie has a tiny tushie.

KD, those spiders come from my bathtub. I'll try to get a photo for you (and for Hallie -- sorry, Hallie).

MT, meet Steph. Steph, meet MT. Both very funny bloggers and commenters. Or maybe you already know each other? In that case, never mind. Thanks for brightening my morning, both of you.

ALL of you. So fun to read your comments, truly.

Now, about tomorrow's post . . . I was in a very weird place when I wrote it, so please: try to be kind.


-- Laurie


Oh, see, MommyTime, that has me rethinking that whole S&M/Erykah Badu hybrid hat up there. Because hello? Mom of three, I NEED to NOT see things sometimes. I need to not see things a LOT really. That gear would go a long way in my house. Plus? I'd finally be in haute couture instead of my momiform. SAUCY!

P.S. You're funny, too.

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

M'kay so riddle me this: Where do SPIDERS I COULD LEASH AND NAME 'SPOT" come from every fall??


First of all, I think that hat (? makeup? hairdo? what do call it?) would look GREAT with your clown shoes and should instantly become part of your weekly rotation. Also, so convenient for the office, where one can pretend not to see the annoying dude due to the extra folds of fabric covering one's eyes. GENIUS!

Also? Steph is hilarious. Hi Steph! *waving*

Fanny May

Those aren't thoughts that are heavy Hallie. Look behind you.


You always leave me thinking heavy thoughts...


Bob Cleveland

Uhhh .. I don't know for sure, but I think PREYING Mantises come from mommy preying mantises.

PRAYING Mantises, I have no idea.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I can tell you where the praying mantises come from: my kitchen. Ants come from there too. So do fruit flies and moths.

Also, if they made a burrito-scented shampoo, I'd use it. I'll take extra spicy, please, with guacamole.

Mental P Mama

That hat goes nicely with some shoes I've been eying lately. And those tats? I dunno.

Rick's Cafe

So this is what happens to your mind when you've rested a day or so?



Doog, I just bought vanilla shampoo and conditioner -- I've used it on MP and now I want to eat her up even MORE than I did before, which I didn't think possible. But it DOES make me hungry in the morning after my shower. Which NEVER happens. I think I've gained 5 lbs in just the last few weeks. I blame the vanilla.

And passing my kid for some stranger to kiss? Seriously, shoot me first. Eccchhh

Cheryl McCoy

are you mocking my mauve corduroy daphne blazer from junior year????? try keeping an open mind so i don't have to kick your ass.

why is it i'm listing to lightfoot now too?


Mom to "multiracial" kids here. There are generally options on forms that indicate "I'm not just one race, yo". But good ol' "Other" is nearly always available. If not, I check the appropriate boxes for the kids - ALL of the appropriate boxes.

Oh, interesting side note? In the state of South Carolina, a child's race is determined by his/her mother's race. So my kids? All white. Which...hilarious to anyone who's ever laid eyes on Lenna and her Macy Gray hair.

This comment was NOT brought to you by the makers of Ritalin. They only wish they could get their grubby paws on this chick.


Cracking up!

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