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October 07, 2008


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C Bury

Hi, just wanted to note that I think my Great-Grandmother is mentioned in the story:

"they rented a small place on Monument Road above Rio Dell, and Dad did hauling to augment their income. (I was born there the next year with Mrs. Rickter officiating since the doctor didn't get there in time.)"

My Great Grandmother was Mathilda (Matilda) JÖNSSON YOUNGBERG RICKTER at lived at Rio Dell with my Great Grandfather Gustaf (Gust) LARSSON RICKTER. Bother were born in Kristianstad län, Sweden. More info on Gust life in Humboldt County at that time can be found can be found here https://www.biofiles.us/ca-files/Humb.1045-1094.htm

Kathi D

I love your Mormor, and now I know one of the reasons why: "I digress" is my most-used phrase, as well.

Or as we always used to say about my mom, she (and I) have the "can of cling peaches" stories. It's an old "All in the Family" reference about Edith and the way she stretches out a story.

Big Hair Envy

The cow is DEAD? Wow. Didn't see that one coming...



I am beginning to crave these tales - the fuel the imagination, don't they? There's still adventure to be had in our times, but it's of a different sort, somehow less interesting to me than what folks weathered a hundred years ago.

Shade and Sweetwater,


CBW and Miss Envy, I have bad news for you. That cow has been dead for over a century. I'm sure it was shot, because you can't fix cow legs, but either way? Dead.

Tammy, welcome!

KD, why is it that names were so fluid in the old days? And here I cling to my maiden name because it feels like a flannel shirt to me -- all comfy and home. Can't imagine adopting a completely new last name just because someone died, or when moving to another country, but it happened in more cases than not back then, I think.

Cow punk, I don't know if you know how close Eureka is to where all of these stories took place, but it is/was the "big" town in Humboldt County. My parents were both born in Eureka in 1934; who knows? Maybe the families have some connection?

And there used to be Engebrettsens in Chico, too.

Cheers, everybody, and thanks for reading!

-- Laurie

cow punk

Thanks for sharing this...My mom was born in Eureka, CA..My grandmother is of Norwegian/Swedish decent, both her parents came directly from Norway and changed their name from Englebrettsen to Odegaaurd upon arrival. I have no idea why. My last name is Anderson...the Irish side of the family...lol.

Big Hair Envy

I wish I had stories like that about my family. I know there were some characters, but I'd like to have the kind of detail that you have here. Very cool!

I'm with CBW. What happened to the cow?

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

My husband's family's last name was originally Anderson, but was changed after the passing of his great great grandfather.

Great stories!


It is awesome that you have these stories so that you can share them and pass them down.

What a treasure!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

What a wonderful story.

I need to know what happened to that cow. Do they shoot cows with broken legs or is it possible to mend the leg? I will be worried about that all day long.

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