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October 12, 2008


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Rick's Cafe

DaGoddess -
With a name that was once the same as one of the Columbus ships? - that's almost a direct descendant!

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!

I love my job!


I slept most of the day, thought about eating tortellini, and then fell asleep again. Does that count? How about the fact that my maiden name was one of CC's ships? That must count for something.

Alias Liz Jones

Happy Columbus Day to you dear Swams.
I'm so happy. The banks are closed which means that no checks could possibly bounce.

Rick's Cafe

Doing my part, I'll be kissing every Sophia & Giorgetta that I meet today.

Seeing as that might be considered ethnically racist, guess I'll just have to kiss every female I meet today :)

Ahhh, the suffering I must endure...work, work, nothing but work.

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