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September 08, 2008


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Poor Arty.

It's UNCANNY how similar that photo of your grandmother and the photo of you (in the upper left) is.


Alias Liz

I love the photo. I hardly know a thing about my family history farther than my grandparents, other than basics. There are no journals that I can find. Wonderful pieces of history. I love the stories.

Mental P Mama

Poor Art. I think that is one of my favorite photos. In the whole world.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Esther is a woman after my own heart.

Rick's Cafe

Big sisters are all alike.


That's wicked hilarious!

More Mormor...was better waking up to this, than an a hot cup of coffee, because alas, I've just discovered that the upstairs DVD player, the (almost brand new) dryer, and now the coffee maker were all victim's of Hanna's as rolled through town Saturday night.



oh mormor. a wicked girl after my own heart.

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