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September 29, 2008


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Awesomeness! Hope you discover more info somewhere. I love that you're sharing with us. Thank you!


Yes! More Mormor! I am a very happy camper right now, sans caffeine.

Stumbled this because I love your stories SO MUCH!


Steph, on my sidebar is a link to all the Mormor stories thus far (maybe twenty?). She wrote down all of her favorite stories that she had told to us kids, and my aunt typed them up on loose leaf papers for her. Each child, grandchild, niece and nephew received a folder of the photocopied pages two Christmases in a row. I'm working my way through them in a somewhat chronological order.

About half of the stories came from her adult years, from the 1920s to the '50s or so. Some of those include people still living, so I will ask permission of those people (including my own mother) to post them first. Thanks for reading!

-- Laurie


More, please! Also? You're writing all the Mormor lore down somewhere, yes?

Cactus Petunia

I love those Mormor stories...keep 'em coming!

Mental P Mama

Another wonderful story...with wonderful pictures.

Rick's Cafe

....and some day our grand-children's children will be telling stories about how hard life was - back at turn of the century.

Memorable story, thanks.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

What a great story that once again illustrates how different our lives are now.

If only my children would do chores before and after school without any back sass. Then maybe I could play on the internet all day and actually get some housework done.

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