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September 16, 2008


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Sweet Mummy

Great stories - a couple sound similar to things I've had happen to me... so don't feel too bad. It's the unGLAM life, babe!


OK...the shower story almost made me pee (thank god I just went before reading!). The shower "scrubbies" should never be used on human skin... Actually, I am not sure why they are still in my shower. I think I have a very large sample of molds and spores that I can donate to the kids science lab at school.

Apache Dude Poot

"Ahh, the lovely Snorpht is back in town. Where ya been all my summer, Snorphty?
Posted by: foolery | September 16, 2008 at 09:01 AM"

Workin my butt off to keep all you lil chickiepoos safe from havin to go around wearing Burkas.

Major fire drill going on now and maybe for 4-5 more months. Gotta earn my $$s once in a while.


Some of these I remember, but the wood stove story was new to me -- and hilarious! I love the irony, too, of having no power and no wood stove to keep you warm while at the same time you battle the water dripping in from the hole where the stove used to vent. Not kind of me, I know, but I had to giggle. :)

linda s

why was I so drawn to Parent Hell? Oh, I know...I think you wrote it about me, not you...

fun stuff...I'm adding you to my reads...so I'm officially a lurker...{{snort, snort}}

Chesapeake Bay Woman

The wood stove story is hilarious. If you ever want to feel better about your housekeeping, just come on over to my place. You'll have no more worries ever again. As we speak, I am glancing at not one, not two, but three major cobwebs. Inside. Of my bedroom.


Ahh, the lovely Snorpht is back in town. Where ya been all my summer, Snorphty?

Snorpht FingerPoot

O, almost fergot.



Poot is looking for somewhere to Park IT


Talk about a NICE Parking Spot.

O Baby, would I feed HER meter!

Just too bad she's not blonde though.

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