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September 22, 2008


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Alias Liz Jones

It would only have been wrong if you had of put Ex-Lax in the bread. I'm not sure...depending on his attitude. Maybe you should have made him some sourdough bread, cause them were some sour grapes for that poor man, Swams. At least you baked him something. I mean, you could have taken him a bowl of Raisin Brand. But you took the high road. Yes, I think that you did the right thing.

Da Goddess

You did something nice and there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, you ran into his car. Guess what? Shit happens. And while a Datsun is hardly a Model T or a Bel Air, some guys are just babies when it comes to their cars.

As much as I love cars and appreciate how much they mean to some people, there has to be some sense of reason in there: the damage to the car wasn't that bad and both of you came out of the accident alive. Simple.

It is that simple, right?


Gubby is wrong wrong wrong. Pumpkin bread, especially good pumpkin bread, is an excellent gesture of apology. Then again, I am a woman who is not in love with my phallus-substitute car, so that makes me unlike the guy you hit, clearly. And in that regard, I cannot comment accurately. :)


Gubby is crazy! (I know he's your friend but still!)He may not LIKE the idea of you bringing the pumpkin bread to the guy but alleging that you were "rubbing it in" is crazy!

It was a very decent thing to do!


I think my work here is done. Thank you all for weighing in and granting me overwhelming support. Of course, since I wrote this post I would expect to get the good slant (even if the conversation WAS typed verbatim from my phone conversation with Gubby, and with his full knowledge and consent).

Gubby, when you start your blog (FINALLY) you may write up this story any way you choose and present it to your readers and I'll go along with it. But since your brothers already think I'm nutty, what would be the point?

Thanks everybody! Now I have some Spaghettios to go quietly put away.




Sorry Gubster, I'm with Laurie. It's not like she showed up with a can of Spaghettios with a bow on top. Sheesh.

Yeah, THAT? Would be bad.


I think you might be the nicest person in the world. Pumpkin bread : ). That is sweet to the MAX!


Given that you couldn't undo the damage done to his...ahem...baby, I don't see what was wrong with making a conciliatory gesture of cooki...pumpkin bread.

Unless, of course, you actually uttered anything like "Neener neener neener, I didn't get a ticket, and you're a big doofy weiner" whilst delivering said baked goods.

Dannan & The Girl

The pumpkin bread was a very nice gesture, though apparently one which men who love their cars too much don't understand.

And if the guy didn't want to risk something happening to his precious, precious car, then it should be up on blocks somewhere and not on the streets!

Jen @ blissfully caffeinated

Ok, seriously? Can a Datsun ever really be considered a "classic?" I don't think so.

Don't feel bad that you wrecked some guy's primered POS. (Maybe I'm a little biased, having been in more than one car accident, all of which were *technically* my fault.)

But still.

Don't spend another second feeling bad about that guy's car.


did someone use the words "datsun" and "classic" in the same breath? pullease. POS rodent car.

that guy was a shmoe for laying it on so thick at the accident scene. i really, really have no patience for accident-scene shmoes. DH and i actually willingly gave testimony because we witnessed a shmoe who hit a car that was stopped. an elderly couple was in that car, and he yelled and yelled and yelled at them, even though he was completely at fault.

while you were in the wrong in the accident, you were only trying to be a decent human being. which is more than the shmoe was at the scene.

oh, and i like pumpkin bread. no nuts though, please... not that i'm hinting or anything.

Auds at Barking Mad

I've only been in one accident before. I was in a Rite Aid parking lot and the Mayor's secretary and I were backing out at the same time and backed into one another. It was awful. My tank pretty much totaled her little Honda.

They were really nice about it, especially being that no one was hurt, not even so much as whiplash. But them being nice about it made it even worse. We were both found at fault. But I was still so mortified that I don't think I could have taken a peace offering in.

But come to think of it, I woulda been damn happy had she brought me some of her famous shortbread cookies.

You have some serious cajones Laurie. Especially to take a baked good in to a auto shop...with other gearheads standing around. I think just the effort alone is worthy of a medal, considering all the circumstances.


Flush 'em all. What else are you gonna do? You can't unwreck the car, and if you live in a small town a little gesture can go a long way to not getting dirty looks at the grocery store.


Have just a second to respond (more later) . . .

Yep, Marcy, you are SO right it was my fault. I told the cops it was my fault. I told the poor guy it was my fault. I totally deserved and expected the ticket, but never got one. Dunno why. And I was not trying to cry to get out of it -- DAMN! I didn't want to cry, but I did. And also? The guy was SO nice, he was just really sad.

So, no, I knew it wouldn't fix anything, but I was just trying to let him know I was not a complete creep. Just a partial creep. :)

Bring it on, guys -- I can take it! Gubby might cry, though; he's sensitive like that.

Ha ha ha ha ha

-- Laurie

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Okay here it is- you may not like it.

You TOTALLY deserved a ticket. And um, YEAH it was YOUR FAULT.

Okay with that said- I think pumpkin bread can fix anything and it was sweet of you to bring it. So Gubby LAY off. Or I am gonna have to come up there and woop your butt. But afterwords I will bring you some pumpkin bread. No worries


Umm...it was a Z - it's not like a Model T or a Stingray or a Mustang or the Birdcage Maserati (Whew, now THAT'S a car!) , or a Pierce Arrow or a Ferrari Lusso (I want one of those when I'm reinCARnated in my next life) or a vintage Roller or something that can't be repaired or anything. Gee whiz! A freakin' Z, a dime a dozen (we have herds of them at the track all the time - sometimes they even smack into the wall or each other, and they never cry over it).

Pumpkin bread was too good for him. Maybe a pumpkin muffin, but a whole loaf? They weren't calling you crazy - they probably set up an altar in the back room just to worship you.

T begs to differ, but this is MY comment - he can find your blog and be contentious on his own.

Shade and Sweetwater,

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

Umm and early 70's Datsun is not a classic. Sorry I don't care what anyone says.

Okay now that I got that out of the way, whatever you tried to be nice. YOur friend is being mean. I would have appreciated the bread.


How can it be WRONG to do something so nice? You have a big heart. I wouldn't have had the guts.

Gubby, leave her alone. She's a sweet, caring, thoughtful girl.


You win. Case closed.


I think perhaps my brain is fried, because I can't understand a word Gubby has said above, nor find anything at all wrong with what you did. Would I have done it? Um, no, but I don't bake. So any cook--uh, pumpkin bread I would make would definitely be adding insult to injured feelings. It's not like you ran over the man's dog or any other living thing?

Maybe there's a car gene you need to have for Gubby's opinion to make sense.

all things BD

I gotta go with Gubby on this one. I think you just have to walk away from that incident and let the man grieve in private. But I bet the bread tasted good!


Not wrong but certainly over and above. You can bring me pumpkin bread anytime!

There's something about cars though. I've been writing about them for two days. Can't seem to stop. Come on over and weigh in - tell me about your first car! I'll make you some cookies if you do.

all things BD

I gotta go with Gubby on this one. I think you just have to walk away from that incident and let the man grieve in private. But I bet the bread tasted good!

Bob Cleveland

After 50 years in the insurance business .. the kind that writes car insurance .. my view is entirely slanted that way. Which is, don't say or do anything that can be construed as and admission of guilt. Which would include baking some indeterminate substance and foisting it off on his co-workers.

On the other hand, as 50+ year sports car fan and general gearhead, I think a lifetime supply of Omaha Steaks would have been more appropriate.

Mental P Mama

Tough one. But I think your gesture was nice. No one was hurt. That's what's important, okay Gubby?

Rick's Cafe

The baked goods were a wonder peace offering! Specially considering the size of the town, that you might see this person again and would definately be running into people he knows, all make the effort more pronounced.

Sticking yourself out there for ridicule and abuse takes guts. This is also a reflection of your true beauty.

When you're in the midst of it, sometimes it is tough to remember that the teasing from loved ones is just them looking out for you, protecting you from being taken advantage of and getting hurt.

So given that, have you hugged your Gubby today?

I also think it would be an appropriate goodwill jester if you made cookies for all of your readers too!:)

cow punk

I have to agree this is a tough question and it's only 5:44 am so I'm just not sure. But, since I like you so much Swams, I'm on your side, plus I'd really like you to bake me some cooki, um I mean Pumpkin bread.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I say flush.

I think it was a kind gesture. Do cookies--sorry, pumpkin bread-- make up for a wrecked baby of a car? No, but here's what I liken it to: If you accidentally injured someone and Someone goes to the hospital...of course you'd bring flowers or send a card or candy or whatever. It doesn't mean everything is better, but it shows you're thinking of the person, of the situation and that you care.


Oh, this is a toughie. I totally understand your intentions. I would want to do the same thing.
But after being on the totaled car end of an accident this summer, I doubt a home-baked cake from the other driver would have made me feel better. Now if you'd showed up with a cake with a new car baked inside it, well that would have been a different story.
Great post by the way!

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