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September 10, 2008


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Rick's Cafe

technically, it's Tina Fey imitating Sarah Palin who sounds just like you...almost.

Rick's Cafe

and now you've got Tina Fey imitating you - your famous!

Bob Cleveland

I never liked wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath. But personally, I've always rather enjoyed phlegm.

Oh yeah .. I prefer the PSA with the unnamed dame.

Mantel Man

You did a nice job on the PSA, sis. Your "radio voice" is higher-pitched than your normal voice, and faster than your "telephone voice."

That may explain the "caffeine buzz" part, but you don't sound like any of the transvestites I know.

For next year's PSA, I suggest the line, "Wouldn't it be great if all we smelled at the fair was cow shit?"

Da Goddess

"transvestite with a serious caffeine buzz having a hissy fit" totally should have been the title of the post. Can you imagine the spike in your traffic??


Don't be so hard on yourself - you sounded great. Awesome PSA's!!! Any chance they'll air in NC - BOY! do we need 'em!!!

Rick's Cafe

Took me a while to realized it - The speed of the words a bit.

Based on tone & pitch, excluding a bit of accent that occasionally peeks thru, I'm very impressed that you still have time to run a blog.....while running for the office of Vice President!

Alias Liz

And I thought that you spoke with a southern accent. You always write with a Southern accent when you visit my blog. That's what I thought, because you write Southern. It's in the way that you write your vowels. I didn't recognize your voice. It sounded great. You have a very nice voice Miss Swams. But, to be honest, I was putting out a cigarette while listening to it. I thumped it over toward a squirrel. I'm a slow learner.
Love ya,
P.S. I still want an autograph of your arm.

Rick's Cafe

Hey Mommie - I like that song too!

Does this mean we have something in common?


I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie ...

Wait, wrong song.

Awesome job L -- you sound like an old pro! Well, a YOUNG pro. And a SHE pro. Not a HE pro.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

For reasons that cannot be explained, I do not have sound hooked up to my dinosaur of a computer. Even if I did, I can rarely download anything in fewer than 3 days due to DIAL-UP INTERNET.

If it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna hear that transvestite all hyped up on caffeine. Must. Hear. Transvestite.

Rick's Cafe

Well done.
...and I won't shoot the messenger:)

[typed while sitting amidst a cloud of aromatic cigar smoke]

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