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September 18, 2008


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Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Clever, clever girl!


I Loved loved loved that song as a child, and so I of course adored this even more. You are a genius with the lyrics.


Very funny!! The pic of Obama and his family is very sweet.

Less said the better about Palin.


Awesome awesome,
Awesome awesome.
Awesome blossom,
Fucking awesome
You are awesome,
Very awesome,
You are awesome and I love you, oh, so awesome!


You kill me!
No really, you do!


That's so funny! Thanks for the laugh.

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog!



Auds at Barking Mad

*cough* that is ABSOLUTELY not a real piccie of Sarah Palin...you can read about it over on Jim Goldstein's blog. He did an interview with the gal who PhotoShopped the original picture.

Laurie...that was brilliant. Just what I needed to help clear the fog from my flu-addled head!


thanks for gettin' that song STUCK in my head :-{


BAHAHAHA!! I can totally hear the song in my head.

Made my mornin' Ms. L.


love alan sherman.

i may have to tackle a tom lehrer next ;-)


Love it! We had an Alan Sherman album when I was a kid and I loved those songs. So clever!


OMG. Is that real picture of Sarah Barracuda? Or is it a Photoshop deal? IF it's real, I mean, that's just scary. Scarier than a skinned moose.

All Adither

You creative girl, you.


Funny! For someone who just moved, you sure have a lot of time on your hands... :-)

Alias Liz

How early do you have to get up and start work at that camp? I may look into that. Noh. I like to sleep late and I fidget on a bus. I can't change, don't you know. I can't change. No I can't.


Sign me up. Camp Obama: here I come.

Mental P Mama


Rick's Cafe

It's great being on EST - get to read your posts before everyone else....well, almost everyone :)

You and CBW are both extremely creative!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Don't go swimmin'
At Sarah Palin's
She will shoot you
If you're flailin'
Cuz you ate one
big moose burger
That tasted like something
your cat reGURGERtated.

OK, so my verse is atrocious. You clearly are the better songwriter--and singer for that matter.

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