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August 13, 2008


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Da Goddess

I'm waiting for Howell Hughser to visit my little city. I have questions for him. Many. Some of which might amaze him.


I want Hugh to come to MY state! He sounds amayyyyzing!

Suz Broughton

We have a joke in our house about Hugh, running along the same lines..."Isn't this piece of lint fascinating. Where did that come from Larry? Can ya 'all get in closer to get a look at it? Amazing! I haven't ever seen one with those colors. Where do you suppose that came from?..."
Then "Alright Suz. Shut up now."


Ahhh, Snorpht, how I've missed your pithy comments.

Hey, how's the China team doing?


Eat Me!


Hi Laurie, amazing article!
Sorry couldn't help it :)


I really hope that Huell will be at the press conference announcing the confirmation of Bigfoot.


"So you're telling me that Bigfoot is real...that's amaaaaziing - is he single?"


Good old Huell... I'm familiar with his work, only because they make fun of him all the time on the Adam Corolla morning radio show. No matter the jokes they make at his expense, I can't help thinking that he's just so precious.


...I dunno about you all but that grasshopper hat with CBW's crab shoes she was sportin' awhile back? Now that would be AMAYYYzing! lol...

...I'm done now... :o)


...Ah yes, much like Miss Fool'ry herself - AMAYYYzing! ;o) lol... I couldn't resist! lol...

...Blessings... :o)

Rick's Cafe

A strong southern accent?? HA!

That mean I'd admit to watching PBS.....
'not that there's anything wrong with that' :)

Bir Hair Envy

We have May-Lily Lee, the host of Virginia Currents. She isn't quite as charasmatic as Huell, but we like her!

Just a quick question. Does Huell deliver milk to California's Unwashed Hippies?

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I can't get past the accent.


I think part of his charm is that he's a hypnotist. It's the only explanation I can come up with for why I'm so obsessed with his show. He could be talking about wagon wheels for 20 minutes straight and I can't tear myself away.



That's aMAYYYYzing! And I love Huell, too, just in a totally hetero, not-inappropriate, fully platonic, viewer-from-afar kinda way. Not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that.

Rick, does Michael Atwood have a strong southern accent?

CBW, I suspect you already HAVE a grasshopper hat. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Kathi, I'm SO sorry. I don't think I'm open-minded enough for that particular dream reveal. From anybody. Of any persuasion. Although . . . NO, not open-minded enough.

Raz, are you kidding? That's great! Of course milk delivery in glass bottles used to be the norm here, too, but not during my lifetime, and I'm ancient and decrepit. Sigh. I wish we had milk delivery.

Thanks for the comments, everybody! MWAHH!

-- Laurie

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Here's a Hugh story for ya. One night as a single woman sitting in my fabulous new house in Hollywood. I saw Hugh's show (I love it-I know I am wierd) and it was showing an artist in LA. I loved this artists work SO much that when the show ended and it gave a contact number I called. And the artist himself answered. I was shocked. Well we met and eventually I did some media/PR work for the artist. He was pretty darn famous. During which time he told me that Hugh was totally totally gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) and he HIT on him really hard. Like uncomfortably awkward moment hitting on. That creeped me out about Hugh ya know? So time goes on....and the artist who was married with 5 kids, made a huge hand groping boob grabbing pass at me one night. So I guess that is just how they roll in hollywood ya know? Point to the story? none....just wanted to tell you!

Rick's Cafe

Makes me wonder if every state has a similar show with a similar Howser?

Across Indiana w/Michael Atwood is pretty much a duplicate...or so I've heard.


Wow....I remember him from my days growing up in the Golden State...he's been around THAT long! He used to host local shows way back, although I can't recall what they were.

And milk in bottles...it's a good thing, 'cause Martha said so!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

First things first. I must have that grasshopper hat in the second picture. OK, I feel better having that off my chest.

Second, how on Earth did Howard Hughes get up on that bicycle=thingie? He truly is amayyyyzzzing.

Never heard of him, but love PBS. And that grasshopper hat. Must have it.

all things bd

Huell came to my hometown after 9/11 to view our giant flower field planted in the form of an american flag, and you would have thought the Queen herself was visiting. He's awesome.

Kathi D

One of my gays used to describe his dreams about Huell to me. X-rated.


We get our milk delivered in bottles. It's good stuff. Just never try to freeze it, Ok?

Also, I'm going to be describingm things as aMAYYYzing all day now. Thanks!

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