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August 08, 2008


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Please ask Smedley if she's got anything against Hard Cider? or Smirnoff Ice?
I need to know what to stock for my next party :)

Alias Liz Jones

Banana suit. I heard that? What's that you say, Swams?


What, exactly does this banana suit look like??? I'm with Mental - pictures please.

Rick's Cafe

Just cause Smedley doesn't like Budweiser....doesn't mean we don't want to see a replay of your Bud-Wise-Er frogs.

Ok, maybe I am a soloist in the wrong choir on this one:) .....darn Mommyblogs and their demographics!

texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

Genetics sometimes error on the side of good.


smed is prepared for college now :-)

in other news, we were watching the opening ceremony on Tivo this morning, and BC basically started me on the path to a thesis i should start writing:

China, and Why Everyone's Pissed At It.

"mommy, why are people mad at china?"

oh girl. i don't know how i'm gonna 'splain that one to a 9 year old. i miss the days when i could just sit there and say things like: "look at the pretty flags!"


drama mama

I'm not a BUD fan either!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

The acorn does not fall far from the oak. Or the apple doesn't fall far from the apple tree. Or bananas don't fall far from people wearing banana suits? I give up. I'm brain dead.

Please ask Smedley which are her favorite wines. And whether I should sell my Pepsi stock.

I'll be looking for many more posts by Ms. Smedley, who has incredible wisdom for someone her age.

BTW- your tent is all set up in my yard. Do you prefer mini or jumbo marshmallows for your smores?

Oh, and also Soupisnotafingerfood/Meg and I decided we need to make a girls' trek out to California really soon. Get ready.

Rick's Cafe

So what's Smedley's opinion on:
Coor's Light in the 16oz plastic bottle?
Fosters' oil can with a ball inside?
The St.Pauli Girl model?

Inquiring minds gots to know!

Suz Broughton

Um, Banana Suit? Must know what this is all about...

Marcy Writes - The Glamorous Life

YOu certainly have special children. Any kid that already knows Budwieser makes bad beer is aces in my books....

Mental P Mama

They come by their brilliance naturally...by the way: Banana suit? Pictures please.

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